Antalya Tours

Antalya has become one of Turkey’s favorite holiday destinations with its historical and natural beauties. You can find the contents of the Antalya Tour that you can join in Antalya from our article.

Antalya is one of the most visited cities by individuals who want to have a holiday in Turkey or visit various historical places. You can visit Antalya, both its natural beauty and historical places, with various Antalya Tour tours, and spend pleasant and peaceful times. These tours you will participate in can be one-day tours or 3-4 day tours. It will be good for you to have information about the tours in order to learn which ones you will join. For this reason, we will try to give you information about Antalya Sightseeing Tours.

Antalya Sightseeing Tours

Although Antalya sightseeing tours offer many different options, they are generally grouped under main headings such as Cultural Tours, Holiday Place Tours, Boat or Yacht Tours, Water Sports Tours, Extreme Sports Tours. Antalya Tour options, which include many different options that you can participate in every season of the year, can be briefly summarized as follows.

Antalya Cultural Tours

Among Antalya Cultural Tours;

  • Antalya Turkish Bath
  • Antalya Individual VIP Turkish Bath
  • Antalya Fire of Anatolia Show Tour
  • There are tours where you can visit various ancient cities such as Kaleici, Termessos Ancient City, Karain Cave, Olympos Ancient City.

Antalya Holiday Places Tours

Antalya is one of the leading cities in the world with its holiday centers. Among the Antalya Holiday Tours where you can visit the natural and unique beauties of Antalya and have a very enjoyable time are the following.

  • Selge Trip – Tazy Canyon – Adamkayalar
  • Antalya Manavgat Boat Tour
  • Antalya Green Canyon Tour
  • Antalya Suluada Tour
  • Antalya Submarine Tour
  • Antalya Mega Star Boat Tour
  • Antalya – Perge – Aspendos – Side Tour
  • Antalya Düden Waterfall Boat Trip
  • Antalya – Demre – Myra – Kekova Trip
  • Tazy Canyon
  • Antalya Yacht Tour
  • Antalya Boat Trip


Antalya Water and Extreme Sports Tours

People who come to Antalya on holiday can enjoy the sea, sand and sun, while participating in various water and extreme sports, they can spend more enjoyable, exciting and adrenaline-filled times. Here are the types of Antalya Tour that include Water and Extreme sports that you can join in Antalya;

  • Antalya Aqualand Water Park
  • Antalya Paragliding Tour
  • Antalya Rafting
  • Antalya Tour
  • Antalya Horseback Safari Tour
  • Antalya Pirate Ship Tour
  • Antalya Cable Car Tour
  • Antalya ATV Tour
  • Antalya Buggy Safari Tour
  • Antalya Dolphin Show
  • Antalya Lavender Fields Tour
  • Antalya Jeep Safari Tour
  • Antalya Sea Fishing Tour
  • Antalya Aquarium Trip
  • Antalya Diving Trip

Types of Antalya Tours You Can Visit Other Holiday Places From Antalya

Antalya is one of the most preferred holiday destinations in Turkey by domestic or foreign tourists. There are many different types of Antalya Tour where tourists who spend their holidays in Antalya can go from Antalya to other holiday destinations and make their holidays more enjoyable. These tours and what they include can be summarized as follows.

  • Antalya – Istanbul Plane Trip: It is a tour where tourists who come to Antalya for various reasons can visit Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Turkey. With this tour, you can visit the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul.
  • Antalya – Cappadocia Trip: It is a tour where you can visit the unique beauties of Cappadocia.
  • Antalya – Pamukkale Tour: It is a tour where you will witness the unique beauties of Pamukkale Travertines.