Kash Tours

Kash, one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations with its natural beauties, is a district of Antalya. You can spend your holiday in the most efficient and effective way by reviewing our article that gives information about the types of Kash Tours.

Kash, which you can visit in all four seasons of the year, offers you both a holiday opportunity and many different activities. While enjoying the wide beaches, sun and sea in Kash, you can also participate in many different activities such as food culture, extreme sports and safari tours. We recommend that you take a look at the Kash Tours types to take advantage of these activities.


Kash is a district located in the westernmost part of Antalya. Kash, one of the most precious regions of the Mediterranean region, is flooded by both local and foreign visitors in all four seasons of the year. It attracts the attention of tourists with its natural beauties, food culture and various activities. It is also the focus of attention of tourists with its proximity to many different holiday resorts. For this reason, we will try to give information about the types of Kash Tours in order to be helpful to individuals who want to have a holiday in Kash, participate in various activities or visit Kash and its surroundings.


What are the Types of Kash Tours?

There are all kinds of holiday opportunities in Kash. If you are planning your holiday to relax and spend a quiet time, the sand, sun and sea of Kash will offer you this opportunity. You can come to Kash to participate in various water sports, to go on safari tours or to participate in extreme sports. In addition, you can make the best of your Kash holiday by participating in tours to visit the holiday places in and around Kash. For this, it will help you to have information about the types of Kash Tours.


Kash Culture Trip

While on holiday in Kash, you can join various tours and visit many different historical centers in and around Kash and learn about these regions. Some of the Kash Tours types that are among the Kash Cultural Tours are as follows.

  • Kekova Tour: Kekova is the name of the rocky island located off Üçağız and Kaleköy. You can reach Kekova, also known as the sunken city, by participating in the Kash boat tour, as there is no road access. In this way, you can visit the natural and unique beauties of the sunken city.
  • Simena Castle Tour: The cinema castle is home to homemade ice creams and a variety of turtles called Caretta Caretta. It will give you a unique holiday pleasure with both its food culture and the Caretta Caretta turtle culture.
  • Antiphellos Ancient City: It is located in the center of Kash.
  • Also, among the regions you can visit in the Kash Culture Tour, there are areas such as Kash Ancient Theatre, Lycian Sarcophagi, and Mausoleums.


Kash Natural Beauties Tours

Some of the Kash Tours Types that you can visit natural beauties such as islands, coves and gulfs in Kash and that will help you spend your holiday in the best possible way are as follows.


  • Kash Meis Island Tour
  • Kash Yacht Tour
  • Kash Boat Tour


Kash Extreme Sports Tour and Safari Tour Types

While on holiday in Kash, you may want to participate in activities full of excitement and adrenaline. In order to meet these wishes, you can join various Kash tours. With these tours, you can spend your time full of excitement and adrenaline by paragliding, rafting or diving, and you can make your holiday in the most enjoyable way. You can also diversify your Kash holiday by visiting the natural beauties of Kash with various safari tours.

  • Kash Paragliding
  • Kash Jeep Safari Tour
  • Kash Rafting Tour
  • Kash Diving Tour


What are the Other Types of Kash Tours?

While you are on your holiday in Kash, you can visit various holiday regions around Kash or in Turkey. There are many different 4 variants for this. You can either take a hot air balloon ride or visit the Fairy Chimneys by applying to these tours in line with your wishes. Or you can visit Istanbul, one of the most important cities of Turkey and the world.

  • Kash Istanbul Tour
  • Kash Cappadocia Trip
  • Kash Pamukkale Tour