• One Person: $65
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      • Transportation from Antalya to Kaş, Kaş to MEIS, and back (Bus + Ferry)
      • Breakfast (Mixed breakfast)
      • Dinner
      • Children aged 0-2 travel free without a seat.
      • Additional expenses
      • Beverages
      • Visa
      • Museum and site entrance fees
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    Sunday Tour Schedule: May 15th – September 30th

    05:00 Pick-up Time
    07:15 Breakfast (30-minute break)
    09:15 Arrival at Kaş harbor
    10:00 Departure to MEIS
    10:30 Arrival at MEIS

    Free Time

    16:00 Meeting at MEIS harbor and departure to Kaş
    16:30 Sightseeing in Kaş and departure to Antalya
    20:00 – 21:00 Dinner in Ulupınar
    22:00 Arrival in Antalya

    1. Blue Cave

    The Blue Cave is a must-visit destination to witness the natural beauty of Meis Island up close. Regularly scheduled tour boats from the island provide easy access to this spectacular site, with a travel time of around 15 minutes. The cave, stretching over 50 meters in length and about 25 meters in height, is situated on the southern part of Meis. As the name suggests, the predominant color inside the cave is blue. Sunlight penetrating through the cave’s entrance creates a stunning visual effect, making it a photographer’s dream. The best time to visit the cave is during the morning and midday when the sunlight is optimal. Additionally, during your boat tour, you may have the chance to see Agios Georgios Church.

    2. St. George Island

    St. George Island, known locally as “Aya Yorgi,” is one of the iconic locations of Meis. It’s an excellent spot to enjoy a breathtaking sunset. There is a facility on the island to cater to visitors’ basic needs. Many who visit the Blue Cave also include St. George Island in their tour. Special St. George services provide easy access from the central harbor. The island’s beach offers umbrellas and sunbeds for rent.

    3. Saint George Monastery

    To reach the Saint George Monastery, you’ll need to climb the stone steps behind the harbor area. The 400 steps can be particularly challenging during the summer, so it’s best to attempt the climb when you have plenty of energy. Each step offers an increasingly expansive view of the island, making it a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts. The monastery, characterized by its Byzantine architecture, is surrounded by strong walls. Visiting the monastery is free of charge, and there’s also a beach nearby that shares its name.

    4. Ottoman Mosque

    Located to the left of the harbor, the Ottoman Mosque was built in 1753 and was last restored extensively in 2007. It now serves as a museum showcasing artifacts and historical items that highlight the island’s past. Visitors arriving by ferry can easily spot the mosque with its distinctive red dome. Historically, the mosque was used mainly by traders visiting the island. Today, it is a popular stop for visitors from Turkey.

    5. Lycian Tomb

    Meis Island is home to two distinct rock tombs, with the Lycian Tomb being particularly noteworthy. These tombs represent a unique example of rock-cut tombs in Europe. Located along a stone path towards the direction of Knight’s Castle from the harbor, the Lycian Tomb is believed to be the burial site of the upper-class Lycian elite. This type of Lycian rock tomb is not found elsewhere in Greece. Each tomb is carved uniquely to resemble a small cave. Dating back to the 4th century BC, the tombs are open to the public for free.

    6. Red Castle

    Red Castle, also known as “Kastellorosso,” is one of the most enjoyable destinations on Meis Island. Built by the Knights of Rhodes between 1379 and 1388, the castle is named after the red hue of the hill it sits on. The castle is easily accessible by foot from the harbor. Reaching the point where the castle’s flag flies offers a breathtaking view of the island. The summit is adorned with ancient stone ruins, indicating that the Red Castle was built on the site of an older fortification.

    7. Mandraki Beach and Harbor

    In addition to the main harbor at the entrance of Meis Island, there is a smaller but visually stunning harbor: Mandraki Harbor. Known for its iconic appearance in many photographs, Mandraki Harbor is more serene and less windy compared to other parts of the island. The nearby Mandraki Cove allows visitors to swim right from the café area. Although the beach is somewhat rocky, its clean waters and view of the castle make it a special spot.

    8. Visit Kastellorizo Village

    A visit to Meis Island wouldn’t be complete without exploring its charming villages. One of the most popular for day visitors is Kastellorizo Village. This village is particularly notable for its colorful houses and seaside location, which create a postcard-like scene. The village is also famous for its supposedly therapeutic mud, attracting thousands of tourists annually. The cobblestone streets of Kastellorizo Village are as picturesque as a painting, making it a delightful place to wander.

    5/5 - (2 votes)

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