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Antalya Boat Trip offers you the opportunity to visit the most beautiful bays of Antalya and have fun in these bays as you wish. Turkey's holiday regions are usually full when summer comes. For this reason, individuals who want to have a quiet, calm holiday away from the crowds stay away from various holiday resorts of Turkey. It is one of these holiday resorts in Antalya. However, thanks to Boat Trip in Antalya, you can spend your holiday in a quiet and calm way, away from the crowd and noise. You can visit the unique natural beauties of Antalya thanks to daily boat tours or boat tours that you can stay for a few days.


The Price of the Boat Trip in Antalya is around $75 for adults and $65 for children aged 7-12. Prices include transfer fees, evening or lunch price, drinks, insurance expenses, guide fees.

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Antalya is one of the most well-known holiday centers in Turkey. It is visited by tourists from all over the world with its unique natural beauties, ancient cities, caves and waterfalls. In addition, Antalya is visited by many different domestic and foreign tourists, as it provides water sports, extreme sports and safari expeditions. Although it hosts tourists in all four seasons of the year, it is a town where most of the tourists go for vacation during the summer months.

Since Antalya is home to many different natural beauties, ancient cities, caves and waterfalls, it can be quite difficult to visit all these beauties in a short time. For this reason, there are Antalya Holiday Tour options where you can visit all these beauties and have a fun holiday. One of them is the Boat Trip in Antalya. You can visit Antalya’s coves, beaches, beaches and various natural beauties with a boat tour.

What Does a Boat Trip in Antalya Include?

With Antalya Boat Trip, you can visit many different natural beauties of Antalya and spend your holiday in the most enjoyable and fun way. The boat tour starts by picking you up from the hotels where you stay and bringing you to the port where the boat anchors. You will then sail towards the waters of the Mediterranean on our extra luxurious and comfortable boat. Our boat has the equipment and comfort to meet all your needs. The boat tour usually starts around 10 am and ends around 6 pm.

You will visit many different bays and natural beauties on the Boat Trip in Antalya trip. Although the tour routes vary according to the type of boat tour, the natural beauties that are generally visited are as follows.

  • Moonlight Bay, Located in Antalya’s Kemer district, Moonlight Bay has a calm sea and a yellow sandy beach.
  • Beycik Böku Bay is a bay frequented by those who want to have a quiet and peaceful holiday away from the crowds.
  • Kiriş Bay is one of the boat tour itineraries. Tourists visiting Kiriş Bay in Turda usually dive in this bay. You can see the sea creatures and the underwater cave during your dives.
  • Papaz Bay is a cove where the green of the trees and the blue of the sea are together.
  • Adrasan Bay is another stop for diving enthusiasts. You can spend time diving or on the beach in this bay, which is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountain.
  • Phaselis Bay, taking its name from the ancient city of Phaselis, while enjoying the sea, sand and sun, you can also take a look at the historical artifacts and cultures of various civilizations.
  • Cennet Bay is a bay with magnificent natural views located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun by anchoring during the boat tour in some of the bays and natural beauties mentioned above. You can also rest your head away from the crowd and noise.

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