Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Turkey with its natural beauties and attracting tourists in all seasons. You can find detailed information about the Cappadocia Tour and its varieties in our article.

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Cappadocia, called the “Land of Beautiful Horses” by the Persians, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. You can apply to Cappadocia tour types to visit its unique nature, valleys, fairy chimneys, settlements created by carving the rocks. Thanks to these tours, you can both visit all the beauties of Cappadocia and spend your holiday in the most efficient and best way.

Cappadocia is a holiday destination where you will witness the power of nature. Cappadocia, which has strange shapes, volcanic rocks, unique canyons and valleys that emerged as a result of natural events, attracts the attention of tourists in all four seasons of the year. We will try to give you information about the types of Cappadocia Tour that tourists can join so that they can visit and enjoy the unique beauties of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia Sightseeing Tours

Cappadocia Tour tours are generally grouped under three main headings: Cappadocia Red Tour, Cappadocia Green Tour and Cappadocia Blue Tour. You can have both pleasure and excitement by participating in many different tour options under these three main headings according to your expectations from the holiday, the situation of your budget and your wishes.

Cappadocia Red Tour

The red tour is a tour where individuals with limited time can visit the unique and magnificent beauties of Cappadocia. On this tour, many natural and historical beauties such as Uçhisar Castle, Göreme Open Air Museum, Love Valley, Avanos Pottery, Fairy Chimneys, Devrent Valley are visited.

Cappadocia Green Tour

The green tour, which is included in the Cappadocia Tour types, is a tour where you will feel the pleasure of natural beauties and fresh air as the name suggests. If you are participating in this tour as a couple, you can have a very romantic and emotional time. Because this tour includes tours such as watching the sunset and sunrise, nature walks.

Cappadocia Blue Cruise

Cappadocia Blue Cruise provides the visit of historical and natural beauties that are further away from the center compared to other tours. You can join the blue cruise to get away from various emotions such as stress and boredom brought by the city and the crowd, and to have a peaceful and pleasant time. Among the various places you will visit on the blue cruise are places such as Mustafapaşa, Soğanlı Valley, Kaymaklı Underground City.

Other Tours Included in Cappadocia Tour

You can spend your holiday in the best way with sea, sand, sun and natural beauties in Cappadocia. However, people may want to participate in more various activities during their holidays or they may want to make their holidays more fun and enjoyable with various sports activities. In order to fulfill these wishes in Cappadocia and to enjoy your holiday to the top, you can choose any of the Cappadocia Tour types listed below.

Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Balloon tour is one of the most popular tours of Cappadocia. You can have a unique and enjoyable time in Cappadocia with hot air balloons, which is one of the main reasons for you to visit Cappadocia. Balloon tours can be performed individually or in groups.

Cappadocia Other Activity Tours

Cappadocia Tour Types include various sports tours such as water sports, nature sports, extreme sports. There are also various show and entertainment tours. Examples of these tours are:

  • Cappadocia Safari Tour:
  • Cappadocia Cycling Tour
  • Cappadocia Skydiving
  • Cappadocia Horseback Safari Tour
  • Cappadocia Salt Lake Trip
  • Cappadocia Retro Vintage Safari
  • Cappadocia Turkish Bath
  • Cappadocia Night Tour
  • Cappadocia Paragliding
  • Cappadocia Photo Tour
  • Cappadocia Camel Tour
  • Cappadocia Mevlana Show
  • Cappadocia Turkish Night
  • Cappadocia Sunrise Sunset Ceremony