• Diver: $25
  • Guest: $15
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      • Transfers
      • Diving equipment
      • First dive (5-8 meters-25 minutes)
      • Second dive (5-8 meters-25 minutes)
      • Insurance
      • To inform
      • Evening meal
      • Alcoholic beverages
      • Personal expenses
      • Photo and video

    If you are interested in diving or if you are curious about the mystery and excitement of diving, you can join the Diving Tour in Antalya trip. You can join the Diving Tour in Antalya trip to dive in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, witness the struggle for survival of submarine animals and plants, and see the various underwater ruins up close. If you have never dived before in your life, but want to experience diving, the Mediterranean is one of the most ideal seas for your first dive. Because the water temperature is quite good for diving and although the diving points are not very deep, they do not harbor dangerous sea creatures. For this reason, you will be diving for the first time, we recommend that you do not miss this diving tour in Antalya. Professional divers can also participate in this tour, increase their diving experience and experience that excitement again.


    The price of the Diving Tour in Antalya is determined as $ 25 for the individuals who participate in the tour and will dive, while it is determined as $ 15 for the guests who will participate in the tour and will not dive. Diving tour prices include Antalya – Dive Regions transportation fees, diving equipment, first and second dive activity fees, insurance and guide fees, lunch or Lunch fees. However, your personal expenses or the costs of various drinks you will consume during the diving tour are not included in the tour prices.


    5/5 - (3 votes)

    What’s Included in the Diving Tour in Antalya?

    The Diving Tour in Antalya will start with the first time we bring you to the boat anchored in the port by picking you up from the hotels you stay in Antalya or the designated transfer points. Our professional teams will meet you on the boat. Our teams will give you information about the tour route. Afterwards, our teams will introduce you to the diving equipment, give you the necessary information for diving and teach you the sign language you will use while diving. Afterwards, you will be given diving equipment and you will do a test dive with an expert diving coach. After everything is ready for diving, you will set out for the diving points.

    There are 14 different diving spots on the Diving Tour in Antalya trip. These diving points can reach depths of 3 to 40 meters. Individuals participating in the tour can dive at these diving points according to their knowledge and experience, in places suitable for them. On this tour, where you will dive twice, you can closely observe the marine animals and plants that live in the depths of the Mediterranean. You can also browse the ruins in the depths of the sea.

    After performing your first dive, you can regain your lost energy by diving or swimming with the lunch waiting for you on the boat and you can get ready for the second dive. On the Diving Tour in Antalya tour, besides diving, you can swim in the cool waters by swimming in the sea at the diving points, and you can sunbathe by lying on the sun loungers on the boat. Therefore, even if you do not want to dive, you can join this tour to spend pleasant and peaceful times away from the crowd and noise. Or if you are under the age of 14 and your age is not suitable for diving, you can join this tour and take a boat trip, swim in the open sea and have a pleasant time with your family or friends.

    If you have decided to join the diving tour and you want to enjoy the cool waters of the sea as well as diving, do not forget to bring your belongings such as a bikini, swimsuit and towel. You can also take your sunglasses, hat and sunscreen with you to protect yourself from the sun rays as you will be under the sun all the time on the boat tour.

    The entire diving process and boat tour of the Diving Tour in Antalya trip will be professionally recorded by our teams. If you want to buy the recordings of your underwater diving experience and your fun trip on the boat tour, you can contact our teams. Our teams will give you the videos and photos they have taken for a certain fee.

    5/5 - (3 votes)

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