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    If you want to see the magnificent lavender fields and enjoy the Salda Lake while on holiday in Antalya, you can join the Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya. Thanks to Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya, you can visit Kuyucak Village, known as Lavender Village and famous for its lavenders. You can also visit Salda Lake, which is called Turkey's Maldives. By joining this tour, you can spice up your Antalya holiday and have a pleasant and fun time. We are sure that you will be impressed by the unique sight and smell of lavender fields and the magnificent natural view of Salda Lake. For this reason, we recommend you to join this affordable sightseeing tour.


    The Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour Price from Antalya is set at $50 for all individuals over the age of 7, and $30 for children between the ages of 4 and 7. When you bring your children under the age of 4 on the tour, you do not need to pay any fees for these children. Salda Lake and Lavender Fields tour prices include transportation fees, entrance ticket, insurance and guide fees, breakfast and Lunch prices.

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    What’s Included in Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya?

    The Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya will start with picking you up from the hotels or designated places in Antalya and setting off for the province of Isparta. The lavender fields you will visit on this tour are located in Kuyucak Village. This village is in the Keçiborlu district of Isparta province in the immediate vicinity of Antalya. Famous for its rose production, Isparta also undertakes the lavender production of Turkey. Since lavender fields open in certain periods of the year, they can be visited in certain periods. Although it can be visited for a short time, it is flooded by many local and foreign tourists. Enjoying this natural beauty and walking among the scents of lavender will make you feel peaceful.

    Salda Lake, another step of the Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya, is located in the Yeşilova district of Burdur, Turkey. This lake, which resembles the same Maldives with its white sands and deep blue lake water, is called Turkey’s Maldives. This lake reaches a depth of 184 meters. The water temperature, which does not fall below 17 degrees at any time of the year, offers you a magnificent view with the pine and juniper forests around it. It is also known that lake water is good for various ailments. You can join this tour to enjoy this view, swim in the clean lake water, heal your various ailments and spend peaceful times.

    You will join the Salda Lake and Lavender Fields Tour from Antalya, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Because walking around the lavender fields will be difficult with uncomfortable clothes and shoes. In addition, since you will be under the sun all the time, it will be good for you to bring your protective creams, hats and sunglasses with you. If you are going to swim in Salda lake, you should take your swimsuits and bikinis, towels and spare clothes with you. We recommend that you take your camera and cameras with you to record the magnificent natural beauties of the lavender fields and Salda lake.


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