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    • Transfer from/to hotel
    • Sauna
    • skin cleansing
    • foam massage
    • oil massage
    • Foot massage
    • Soft drinks
    • Fruit and wine 70 ml
    • Swimming pool
    • Insurance
    • Additional services
    • Personal expenses
    • Video shooting and photos

You can have a special, enjoyable and fun time by participating in the Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya. You can also relax with special massages and get rid of all your troubles. Turkish Bath, with its widespread name in Europe, is a Turkish tradition that has been going on for centuries. Turkish Baths are a culture that is heated with a special arrangement, where hot and cold water are used together, and is used for cleansing and healing. If you want to discover this Turkish tradition while on holiday in Antalya, you can join the Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya. Thanks to this tour, you can be cleaned and find healing for various diseases. In addition to all these, you can have various massages to get rid of the trouble and stress of daily life and hustle and bustle.


Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour Price in Antalya has been determined as $80 per person. Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour prices include transportation fees from your hotel in Antalya to the Hamam, Sauna, skin cleaning, foam massage, oil massage, foot massage, pool, insurance fees. In addition, soft drinks, fruits and 70 ml of wine are also included in the prices. However, the various services you will request during the tour and your personal expenses are not included in the prices. In addition, if you want to record the whole process you will spend in the hammam, our professional teams can record your hammam entertainment for a certain fee.

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While on holiday in Antalya, you may want to visit Turkish Baths, get cleaned in the hammam and relax with special massages. However, if you are complaining that the baths are crowded, our advice to you is to join the Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya. Because the hammam you will go on this tour is special only for you and your loved ones. The hammam you will go on this tour is located in a private villa. The hammam, spa centers, saunas and massage parlors in a villa have been specially prepared for you. You can join this tour alone or with your family and loved ones. No matter who you join, you can be sure that this tour is special for you. There will be only you and expert teams to help you on the tour.

What does the Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya Include?

The Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya will start with our luxury and comfortable vehicles by picking you up from the hotels you stay and bringing you to the VIP Turkish Bath. The Hammam program includes many different activities such as Individual Sauna Rooms, Special Flavored Jacuzzi, Individual Hammam, Foam Massage, Chocolate Face Mask, Brabus Aroma Massage.

You will undress in the rooms with the individual dressing you came to the VIP Turkish Bath and put on the clothes you brought for the bath and the bath clothes that will be given to you. Afterwards, you will first relax by entering the sauna rooms. The hot environment of the sauna will help open the pores in your body. You will then enter the salt room. This room will help open your airways and heal your ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis.

After you have fully opened the pores on your body and your respiratory tract, you will enter the Turkish bath for the scrubbing process, which is one of the Turkish Bath traditions. In the scrubbing process, an expert masseur called tellak will help you remove the dead skin from your body by cleaning you in the best way. You will feel your body softened and renewed after the scrub. After the scrub, you will be given a foam massage. In this massage, they will cover your whole body with foam and then an expert masseur will give you a very nice massage. After the foam massage, you can also enter the other massages and aromatic jacuzzi included in the Individual VIP Turkish Bath Tour in Antalya program. After completing the tour program, you will feel quite vigorous, relaxed and renewed.

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