• 1-3 Person: $400
  • 4-7 Person: $500
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    If you are planning a private holiday in Turkey that is quiet, calm, away from the crowd and noise, we recommend Yacht Charter in Antalya . Antalya is a Mediterranean province where tourists flock from all over the world during all four seasons. There are many different holiday and entertainment options in Antalya. However, it can be crowded and noisy as it is frequently flocked by local and foreign tourists from all over the world. In this case, it may cause you not to want to have a holiday in Antalya. But you can get the holiday opportunity you want with Yacht Charter in Antalya . Because by renting any of the various yachts in Antalya, you can have a quiet, calm and enjoyable holiday in Antalya's unique natural beauties and bays, which are not frequently visited.


    The price of Yacht Charter in Antalya varies according to the size of the yacht to be chartered, its features and how many people it will accommodate. However, the price of the yacht, which is usually sufficient for 1-3 people, is $400. In addition, the price of the yacht, which has a capacity of 4-7 people, is 500 $. Whichever of the two yacht types you choose, various fees such as Hotel – Marina Transfer Fees, Insurance Fees, Lunch are included in our prices. However, alcoholic beverages, private guides and your personal expenses are not included in the prices. In addition, we recommend that you contact us to get detailed information about yacht charter prices and to get information about the issues you are curious about.

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    Antalya is a holiday resort with many different natural beauties, ancient cities, bays, beaches and beaches. For this reason, it is almost impossible for people with limited vacation time to benefit from all these beauties of Antalya. You can visit all the beauties of Antalya with Yacht Charter in Antalya. You can visit all these beauties in a short time and enjoy the natural beauties and bays you will visit.

    What’s Included in Yacht Charter in Antalya?

    Yacht charter in Antalya has become a popular holiday option in recent years. Yacht charter can be daily or for several days. In this case, it allows people to shape their Antalya holiday in their own way. Although yacht charter in Antalya is generally preferred by couples on their honeymoon, it is also preferred by families, people who work online, and people who want to have a job interview. In addition, people who want to get away from the noise and crowd of the city spend their holidays by renting a yacht.

    You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun by visiting any bay of Antalya with yacht charter in Antalya. In this way, you can spend unforgettable times with your family or friends, away from people and noise, in silence, calm and away from stress. You can also enjoy the sea by anchoring in various parts of the Mediterranean and spend peaceful times fishing. If you are going to continue your holiday with a yacht charter, you can take protective creams, sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun. Also, if you are going to swim or dive in the bays and the sea, you can take your diving gear, snorkel and swimsuit or bikini.



    5/5 - (3 votes)

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