Belek Tours

You can take a look at our Belek Tour article to join one-day or several-day excursions in Belek, one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean.

Belek is one of the first-class holiday resorts on the Mediterranean coast. Belek, one of Antalya’s favorite holiday destinations, is a neighborhood of Serik district. Belek attracts all tourists with its golden beaches, golf and tennis venues, and various water and extreme sports. In addition to being a popular holiday destination, it also attracts tourists with its stone pine and eucalyptus forests. We will try to give you information about the Belek Tour Types so that you can benefit from all these beauties of Belek.

Belek is one of the places preferred by animal lovers as it allows many different species to live and reproduce. Acısu River and Köprüçayı area in Belek are known as “Bird Paradise”. Bird Sanctuary is the region where many kinds of birds stop to rest during their migration movements at certain times of the year. Belek is also a region where the world-famous Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs. You can also observe all kinds of animals we mentioned by applying to the relevant tours among the Belek Tour types.

What are the Belek Tour Types?

Belek is a touristic region that usually comes to the fore with sports and outdoor activities. However, with many different tours, you can have a holiday in Belek with all the possibilities you want. In this, it will be enough to choose the tours that are suitable for your wishes. Belek Tour types are generally grouped under 4 main headings. These;

  • Belek Daily Surrounding Tours
  • Belek Extreme Sports and Safari Tour
  • Memory Water Sport Tour
  • Other Belek Tour Types.

Belek Daily Surrounding Tours

Belek daily tours usually result in a visit to the Bird Sanctuary, a visit to the Caretta Caretta Turtles, and a visit to various coves and gulfs. The excursions included in these tours are as follows.

  • Belek – Tazy Canyon Tour
  • Belek – Demre – Mira – Kekova Tour
  • Belek Aquarium Trip
  • Belek Yacht Tour
  • Belek Submarine Tour
  • Belek Boat Tour
  • Belek Green Canyon



Belek Extreme Sports and Safari Tour

You may want to participate in more adrenaline and exciting activities while enjoying the sea, sand and sun by coming to Belek on holiday or spending time in clubs such as golf and tennis. Here are the types of Belek Tour that can meet these requests.

  • Belek Paragliding Tour
  • Belek ATV Tour
  • Belek Buggy Tour
  • Belek Horse Riding Tour
  • Belek Skydiving
  • Belek Rafting Tour

You can choose one of the tours we mentioned above and either do your extreme sports or join various safari tours.

Belek Water Sports Tour

You can make your holiday more enjoyable by participating in many different water sports tours in the Mediterranean in Belek or in the pools of various luxury hotels. Types of Belek Tour where you can participate in water sports;

  • Belek Aqualand Water Park
  • Baby Diving Tour
  • Belek Turkish Bath
  • Belek Swimming Tour with Dolphins
  • Belek Rafting Tour
  • Belek Submarine Tour

Other Belek Tour Types

The following are the types of Belek Tour, which includes various activities that you can go to other provinces and districts of Turkey and participate in these holiday places while on holiday in Belek.

  • Belek Cappadocia Tour
  • Belek Manavgat Tour
  • Belek Pamukkale Tour
  • Belek – Fethiye Tour
  • Belek Antalya Tour
  • Belek Fire of Anatolia Show
  • Belek – Istanbul Trip

By joining the tours above, you can either go to Cappadocia and ride hot air balloons, or you can go to Istanbul and enjoy the unique beauties of Istanbul.