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  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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    To visit the Duden Waterfall, one of the most popular waterfalls in Antalya, and to spend time in the magnificent beauty of the waterfall, you can join the Boat Tour from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall. Duden Waterfall is located in Kepez district of Antalya. Duden Waterfall, also known as Iskender Waterfall, has a magnificent view as it pours from the cliffs with great splendor. For this reason, it attracts a lot of attention from domestic and foreign tourists. If you are on holiday in Antalya, you should definitely see the magnificent view of Duden Waterfall. You can witness all the splendor of the Duden waterfall and spend an unforgettable day by participating in the Antalya to Lower Duden Waterfall Boat Tour .


    The Price of the Boat Trip from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall is set at $30 for adults and $25 for children aged 7 to 12. Prices include hotel – port transfer fees, boat trip, guide fees, soft drinks, Lunch fees. However, your personal expenses during the tour and fees such as alcoholic beverages are not included in the prices. If you want to learn more about prices, you can contact us.

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    You can join the Boat Tour from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall with your family, friends or alone. This tour, which can be attended by individuals of all ages, is organized every day. With this tour, you will witness the unique coves of the Mediterranean, deserted beaches, mysterious caves and the magnificent view of the Duden waterfall. You will also spend an unforgettable day with various events, competitions and shows organized on the boat.

    You can join the Antalya to Lower Duden Waterfall boat tour to swim in the Duden Waterfall, which resembles the magnificent landscapes in the postcards, to enjoy the lush forests, and to spend a quiet and peaceful time. Lower Duden Waterfall is a magnificent waterfall that pours from a height of 45 meters and flows very lushly. While watching the waterfall, you can understand how magnificent the waterfall is from the rainbow image that appears with the refraction of the sun’s rays. You will be surprised when you see how the sound of the waterfall gives you peace and how you feel good.

    What does the boat tour from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall Include?

    The Boat Tour from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall takes approximately 6 hours. First of all, it will start by picking you up from the hotels you are staying and bringing you to the boat anchored in the port by comfortable and luxurious vehicles. You will start your journey by sailing towards the Mediterranean with this ultra-luxury and fully equipped ship anchored in the port. During the journey, you will have the opportunity to see many different coves, beaches, caves and unique natural beauties on the Mediterranean coastline. You can take a break in these bays or beaches and enjoy the cool waters of the Mediterranean. If you want to photograph all these beauties and the unique beauties of Duden Waterfall or take a video, don’t forget to take your cameras or cameras with you.

    When you arrive at the Duden Waterfall, which is the last stop of the Antalya to Lower Duden Waterfall Boat Tour, the boat will anchor in order to enjoy all these beauties. While swimming in the fresh and cool waters of Duden Waterfall, you can also watch the magnificent view of this magnificent waterfall. You can also enjoy the fresh air and sun around the green trees on the shore. You will be open while taking advantage of all these beauties. On the boat, you can fill your stomach with various delicious meals prepared by master chefs specially for you.

    If you are lucky on the way back, you can witness the magnificent images and games of Dolphins in the Mediterranean. You can also witness the life process of Caretta Caretta Turtles. When you arrive at the Antalya Port at the end of the tour, we will drop you off at the hotels you stay or where you want with luxury and comfortable vehicles waiting for you.

    If you are going to join the Boat Tour from Antalya to the Lower Duden Waterfall, we have a few suggestions for you. If you plan to swim in the Mediterranean or the Duden waterfall during the tour, we recommend that you take your swimsuits and bikinis with you. In addition, to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, you should take your belongings such as protective creams, hats and glasses with you.

    5/5 - (3 votes)

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