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  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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    If you want to enjoy the magnificent view of Manavgat Waterfall, swim in the Manavgat river and buy local products in the bazaar in Manavgat while on holiday in Antalya, you can join the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya. Thanks to its natural beauties, Antalya attracts tourists from all over the world. One of these natural beauties of Antalya is Manavgat Waterfall. Manavgat Waterfall is located in the same name district of Antalya. Located in Manavgat district, this waterfall attracts the attention of tourists with its magnificent view, clean river water and surrounding forests. You can join the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya to enjoy this magnificent natural beauty. In addition, thanks to this trip, you can explore the local products by visiting the bazaars and markets in Manavgat district and buy these products for certain fees.


    The price of the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya is set at $25 for anyone over the age of 12, and $15 for children between the ages of 7 and 12. If you are participating in this boat tour with your children under the age of 7, you will not be charged any fees for these children. Manavgat River Boat tour prices include transportation fees between Antalya and the Boat anchored in the port, Boat Entry Ticket fee, insurance and guide fees, and lunch on board.

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    Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya is a one-day nature excursion. The town of Manavgat, located approximately 60 km from Antalya, is famous for its river, waterfall and markets where local products are sold. Thanks to this tour, you can visit the river, waterfall and these markets in Manavgat district. With this boat tour on the Manavgat River, you can spend a quiet, calm and peaceful day away from the crowds. You can also swim in the cool waters of the Manavgat River, sunbathe and have fun as you wish.

    What’s Included on the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya?

    The Boat Tour on the Manavgat River from Antalya will start with the first time we bring you to the boat anchored in the port by picking you up from the hotels you stay in Antalya or from the designated transfer points. Our crews will greet you on the boat and will give you brief information about the tour route and general issues related to the tour when you come to the boat. You will then sail from the Mediterranean port towards the Manavgat River.

    The first stop of the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya will be the point where the salt water of the Mediterranean meets the fresh waters of the Manavgat River. You can have a different and interesting experience by anchoring in this area and swimming in salt and fresh water at the same time. After swimming and resting in this bay for 30 minutes, you can regain the energy you have lost for the rest of the tour by having lunch waiting for you on the boat.

    After you have your lunch, you will go to Manavgat harbor and anchor. Afterwards, you will visit the local markets in Manavgat district. You can buy the ones you like by tasting the local products offered for sale in the markets. You can also visit the spice and souvenir shops in the Manavgat bazaar and buy the products you like. Since your personal expenses in the Manavgat market and bazaar are not included in the tour prices, it would be good for you to have money with you for the things you buy.

    The most important and final stop of the Manavgat River Boat Tour from Antalya is Manavgat Waterfall. You will sail again towards Manavgat Waterfall by boat. The height of Manavgat waterfall is 2 meters. Although this height may seem small, the width of the waterfall is up to 40 meters. In addition, as a result of the rains falling in the spring period, the waterfall takes on a magnificent image with the rise of the river water. After visiting the Manavgat Waterfall, you will again set off for the port of Antalya. When you arrive at the port, our crews will drop you back to the points where they took you, and the Boat Tour will end on the Manavgat River.

    If you are planning to take a Boat Tour on the Manavgat River from Antalya , do not forget to take your belongings such as swimsuits, bikinis and towels with you. Because in certain parts of the tour, you can swim in the river and waterfall. In addition, since you will be under the sun, it will be good for you to bring your hat, sunglasses and protective creams with you.

    5/5 - (2 votes)

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