• One Person: $45
  • Together: $55
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      • Transfers
      • Necessary protective equipment
      • Insurance
      • To inform
      • Any drinks
      • Personal expenses
      • Photo and video

    If you want to join an exciting and fun safari tour in the foothills of Antalya Taurus Mountains, Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya awaits you. We recommend that individuals who are holidaying in Antalya and who are extreme addicts join the Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya trip to have a pleasant, fun and adrenaline filled time. Because with this tour, you can go on an exciting and adventurous trip with Buggy vehicles with powerful engines on the rough terrain of the Taurus Mountains, on a route full of water and mud. Thanks to this tour, which you can join with your family or friends, you can have an unforgettable experience during your Antalya holiday where your adrenaline peaks.


    Buggy Safari Tour Price in Antalya has been determined as $45 for all individuals who will participate in the tour. Since you can join the Buggy Safari tour with two people, a driver and a passenger, the price of the tour for two people is determined as 55 $. Antalya – Buggy Safari region transportation fees, protective equipment fees, guidance and insurance fees are included in the tour prices. However, you must cover the expenses of your personal expenses during the tour and the costs of the various drinks you will consume. In addition, if you want to buy professional recordings from our teams that record the safari tour, you have to pay an extra fee.

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    Antalya is a city where the most popular holiday centers of Turkey and the world are located. The natural beauties in Antalya city center and its districts cause tourists from all over the world to visit Antalya. In addition, Antalya is flooded by local and foreign tourists as it offers many different holiday activities such as water sports, extreme sports, safari tours. If you want to enjoy all these natural beauties of Antalya and have fun and enjoyable times with holiday activities, you can determine the route of your holiday as Antalya. The duration of your holiday may not be enough to explore all these natural beauties of Antalya and participate in various activities. However, don’t let this bother you. Because you can apply to Antalya Tour types to discover all these beauties of Antalya and have a fun, exciting and adventurous holiday.

    What Does the Buggy Safari Tour Include in Antalya?

    Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya

    The Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya will start with our VIP vehicle picking you up from the places where you are staying or residing in Antalya and bringing you to the Safari area. After a 30-40 minute journey, our teams will welcome you to the safari area. After a little introduction, our teams will inform you about the safari area, Buggy vehicles and teach you how to use the vehicles. Then, after putting on the equipment necessary for safety and protection, you will start the safari tour.


    Buggy Tour in Antalya

    The Buggy Safari area on the Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya trip is approximately 45 kilometers. It will take approximately 1.5 hours to walk around this area. During this time, you will enjoy an exciting and fun ride among the magnificent natural beauties of the Taurus Mountains. You will be surprised how high your adrenaline will rise as you pass through the rough, water and muddy roads in the safari area. During the safari tour, you will pass through natural beauties such as many different villages, rivers and forests. In order to enjoy all these beauties, there will be a break in some areas. You can bring your camera and cameras with you to record the situations you will enter and the beauties you will discover during the tour. If you forgot your camera and cameras, you don’t have to worry. Because our teams will record the entire trip during the safari tour. You can buy these professionally shot recordings from our teams for a certain fee.

    Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya

    Buggy vehicles used in the Buggy Safari Tour in Antalya tour are light, easy to drive, four-wheeled vehicles with high maneuverability. The car has two seats, one for the driver and one for the passenger. You can use the buggy vehicles alone, or you can take any member of your family or a friend with you. No license is required to drive buggy vehicles. Therefore, all individuals over the age of 16 can participate in this tour. However, individuals under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in order to participate in the safari tour.

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