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With Yacht Tour in Antalya, you can discover all the beauties of Antalya in a short time and have a fun and enjoyable holiday. Antalya is one of the places where the most popular holiday destinations of the Mediterranean are gathered. There are many different holiday resorts and holiday venues in the center of Antalya and its districts. It takes a very long time to visit all these places, to take advantage of these beauties and to have a holiday here. However, not everyone's vacation period may be long enough to discover all the beauties of Antalya. If you have a short vacation time, but still want to discover all the beauties of Antalya, we can recommend the Yacht Tour in Antalya trip. You can discover all the beauties of Antalya with the yacht tours you will join, and you can have your holiday in a quiet and calm way in the bays and gulfs away from the crowds.


The price of the Yacht Tour in Antalya may vary depending on the itinerary of the tour, the size of the yacht, how long the tour lasts, and how many people you will attend. However, usually the price of the yacht tour varies between $ 40 – $ 50. Therefore, you can contact us to get information about exact prices. Yacht tour prices include various fees such as Hotel – Yacht transfer fees, insurance, lunch and guide fees. However, you have to pay extra for your personal expenses and the prices of various drinks during the yacht tour.

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One of the most frequently used tours among Antalya Tour types is Yacht Tour in Antalya. Because Antalya has many different holiday resorts, entertainment venues, ancient cities and many different holiday activities. It takes a very long time to benefit from all these beauties. However, by joining various yacht tours, you can visit all the bays and gulfs of Antalya in one or a few days. In these bays and gulfs, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun away from the crowds and collect memories that will accompany you throughout your life.

What does Antalya Yacht Tour Include?

Yacht Tour in Antalya is a tour where a group of people enjoy the unique and natural beauties of Antalya on a large yacht. The Yacht you will choose on this tour has a specific route. Among the places visited on this route, there are usually centers such as Düden Waterfall, Kemer Sıçan Island, Olympos Island, Phaselis Bay. When you visit all these places, you can swim, sunbathe and have fun as you wish. You can also rest your head in a quiet and calm way, as you will be away from the crowd and noise.

The Yacht Tour in Antalya starts with the first time we pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the boat anchored in the Old Port. You will visit many different bays on this tour, which usually starts around 10 am. You can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful views in these bays. We recommend that you bring sunglasses, protective creams and a hat with you, as you may be constantly exposed to harmful sun rays during the tour. You should also bring your swimsuits and bikinis and your towel for swimming in the bays you will visit.

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