Marmaris Tours

You can review our Marmaris Tours article to have a holiday in Marmaris and to access various activities and tours where you can join excursions.

Marmaris is a holiday resort of Muğla, located on the Mediterranean coast. It has become the focus of attention of tourists with its many different features such as coves with unique beauties, sweetgum tree forests, local cuisine delicacies, pine forests, waterfalls and ancient cities. If you want to visit the unique natural beauties of Marmaris and spend a fun and exciting holiday, we recommend Marmaris Tours.


Although it is a small town, Marmaris, where local and foreign tourists flock, attracts tourists from many different aspects such as beautiful bays, boat tours, bar street and nightlife. People visit Marmaris in order to get away from the stress and distress that their daily life brings, to relax, to enjoy the sea, sand and sun. In addition, while on vacation, they have a fun and enjoyable time by applying to any of the Marmaris Tours types. If the duration of your holiday is short or if you want to take advantage of all the holiday opportunities of Marmaris, you can diversify your holiday according to your wishes by applying to these tours.

What are the types of Marmaris Tours?

Among the types of Marmaris Tours, there are many different tour options such as trips to natural beauties, various activity tours, water and extreme sports tours, tours to other holiday destinations. You can apply for these tours in whatever way you want to realize your holiday. In this way, you can either have a quiet holiday or spend a holiday full of excitement, action, adrenaline or fun.

Marmaris Natural Beauties Tour

If you are coming to Marmaris to relax, to enjoy the sea, sand and sun, or to have a holiday away from stress and crowds, you can apply to the following types of Marmaris Tours. With these tours, you can visit the bays and gulfs, rivers, islands and various forests of Marmaris. Some of these tours are;

  • Marmaris Yacht Tour
  • Marmaris River Cruise
  • Marmaris Boat Tour
  • Marmaris Cleopatra Island Tour
  • Marmaris Aegean Islands Tour
  • Marmaris Pirate Ship Tour
  • Marmaris Butterfly Valley Tour


Marmaris Water and Extreme Sports Tour

There are many different water sports tours you can join in the private pools of the hotels in Marmaris or in the unique beauties of the Mediterranean. Among these tours are tours such as Marmaris Dalyan Trip, Marmaris Atlantis Water Park Tour. There is also Marmaris Rafting Tour, which you can take on various rivers of Marmaris. In addition, as an extreme sport, Marmaris Paragliding Tour is one of the tour types. You can also do a different activity such as catching crab by joining the Marmaris Crab Hunting tour.

Marmaris Culture and Entertainment Tour

You can apply to the following tour types to participate in the entertainment life of Marmaris or to participate in various activities in Turkish Culture.

  • Marmari Armutalan Turkish Bath
  • Marmaris Foam Party Tour
  • Marmaris Turkish Night

Marmaris Safari Tour Types

There are various types of safari tours you can take in Marmaris’s Sweetgum Tree or Pine Tree forests. Some of these Marmaris Tours types are as follows.

  • Marmaris ATV Tour
  • Marmaris Jeep Safari tour
  • Marmaris Horse Riding Tour

What are the Other Marmaris Tour Types?

There are also many different types of tours from Marmaris where you can visit holiday resorts or historical centers around or in any region of Turkey. Some of these Marmaris Tours types are as follows.

  • Marmaris Pamukkale Tour
  • Marmaris Cappadocia Tour
  • Marmaris Efe Tour
  • Marmaris Fethiye Tour
  • Marmaris Akyaka Tour
  • Marmaris Istanbul Tour
  • Marmaris Rhodes Tour