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    If you want to have a holiday in Antalya and take a look at its cultural history, you can join the Demre - Myra - Kekova Tour from Antalya. One of the most beautiful coastlines of Turkey and the world is located in Antalya. With its long beaches, blue lagoon trees, islands, deserted coves, green forests, hills, cliffs, ancient cities, Antalya is a holiday destination frequently visited by tourists. In addition, it welcomes tourists from all over the world, as it offers water and extreme sports and safari tours. You can join the Demre - Myra - Kekova Tour from Antalya to visit the ancient cities, temples, amphitheaters and many different cultural sites of Antalya.


    The price of Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour from Antalya is $ 35 for adults and $ 20 for children aged 4 – 7 years. Prices include transfer fees, cruise, insurance and Lunch/lunch fees. However, the entrance fee to the ancient cities, your personal expenses and the prices of various drinks you will drink during the tour are not included in the prices.

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    Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour from Antalya is one of the most exotic excursions you can visit the historical centers of Antalya. You can visit many different ancient cities that belong to the Lycians dating back thousands of years. You can also visit the ancient city of Myra, where Christians perform their pilgrimage, thanks to this tour. You will also witness the unique archaeological ruins of the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

    What’s Included in Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour from Antalya?

    The Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour from Antalya starts with our departure to the City of Demre by picking you up at the hotel or various places you reside or stay in Antalya. The vehicles we will take you on this tour, which usually starts in the early hours of the morning, are quite luxurious and comfortable vehicles. Demre is approximately 140 km away from Antalya and this journey takes approximately 2.5 hours. After visiting the city of Demre, one of the important cities of Lycia, we will set out to visit the historical ruins in the city of Myra. After visiting the ancient city of Myra, you will take a boat trip to Kekova.

    Demre Tour from Antalya

    Demre, the first stop of the Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour tour from Antalya, is a city approximately 150 km from Antalya Konyaaltı. During the journey from Antalya to Demre, you can watch the high cliffs, cedar tree forests, steep coasts and the magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

    Myra Ancient City Tour from Antalya

    The Ancient City of Myra was built in the 5th century BC as a port city in the Mediterranean. Although it has been destroyed many times for various reasons, it has hosted many different civilizations until today. You can witness many different artifacts from all these civilizations as you walk through the streets of this city, which bears the traces of Persian, Byzantine, Seljuk, Roman and Ottoman Empires. Among the areas you can visit in the ancient city of Myra are the amphitheater, Roman statues, sarcophagus fragments and columns. You can also see the Lycian tombs built on the summits of the mountains on this tour.

    Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour tour from Antalya offers the opportunity to visit St. Nicholas Church. Nicholas Church, also called Santa Claus Church, is a very important church for Christians. Because it is a church where Christians perform their pilgrimage. The walls decorated with frescoes and mosaics, Bible scenes, ancient sarcophagus reliefs and decorations in the church may attract your attention.

    Sunken City Kekova Tour

    Kekova, the last stop of the Demre – Myra – Kekova Tour tour from Antalya, is a city that was flooded as a result of earthquakes. You will embark on a journey by boat from the ancient city of Myra to Kekova. On the boat trip, you will visit Kekova, which was submerged under water. Flooded houses, columns, arches, stone stairs and the ruins of the Byzantine church will attract your attention. In Kekova, if you wish, you can swim in the sunken city and observe the ruins under the sea even more closely when the boat is taking a break.

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