Istanbul Tours

Istanbul, one of the most important cities of Turkey, is one of the cities visited by local and foreign tourists for many different factors. By reviewing our article, you can find information about the types of Istanbul Tour.


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Being one of the most important, most beautiful and historical cities in the world, Istanbul attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists in every season of the year. Istanbul is flooded by tourists due to its many different activities such as connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, its historical background and texture, and the Bosphorus. You can join the Istanbul Tour to visit all the regions, historical centers, Bosphorus and many different places of this city, which is the subject of movies, poems and novels.

In terms of its cultural and historical richness, Istanbul is one of the most important cities of Turkey and the world. It is one of the most important cities in the world due to its geopolitical location, historical past, Bosphorus, combining Eastern and Western cultures, and being the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Due to all these features, Istanbul is one of the cities that local and foreign tourists should definitely visit. Professional guides are needed in order to tour Istanbul in the best way and to have a look at all its features. For this reason, we will try to give you information about the types of Istanbul Tour so that you can spend your Istanbul trip in the best and most efficient way.

What are the Types of Istanbul Tours?

Professional guides or tour types are needed in order to tour Istanbul in the most efficient way. Because Istanbul is big and there are so many places to visit and see, it will make it difficult for you to visit every place in the best way. For this reason, it will help you to participate in tours with professional guides. Here are the types of Istanbul Tour you can join;

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour Types

The Bosphorus, which connects the Asian and European continents, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists and even all people. You can accompany the beauties of history and the city by visiting the Bosphorus. Some of the tours included in the Istanbul Bosphorus tour are as follows;

  • Night Cruise on the Bosphorus
  • Walking Tour Along the Bosphorus
  • Boat Tour in the Bosphorus
  • Istanbul Maiden’s Tower Tour
  • Istanbul Yacht Trip

Types of Istanbul Historical Place Tours

Istanbul, which was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, is a city with many different cultures and histories. Therefore, it has many different historical sites and historical artifacts. Some of the types of Istanbul Tour where you can visit the historical places of Istanbul and access information about these places are as follows.

  • Istanbul Sultan Ahmed Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia Mosque Tour
  • Ottoman Capital Tour
  • Historical Centers of Istanbul
  • Topkapi Palace Tour
  • Bosphorus Tour
  • Peninsula Tour
  • Rumeli Fortress Tour
  • Istanbul Grand Bazaar Tour
  • Istanbul Museums Tour
  • Galata Tower Tour
  • Taksim Square Tour
  • Historical Hippodrome Tour

Sightseeing Tours from Istanbul to Other Cities

Domestic or foreign tourists visiting Istanbul for various reasons can travel to other provinces or districts with various tours. People can get tired or bored of visiting Istanbul or the crowd of Istanbul. In this, he may want to escape from the crowd and the hustle and bustle of daily life. For these reasons, if you want to go to other cities and holiday regions from Istanbul, you can apply to the Istanbul Tour types listed below.

  • Istanbul Yalova Hot Springs Tour
  • Istanbul Sapanca Lake Trip
  • Istanbul Bursa Trip
  • Istanbul Cappadocia Trip
  • Istanbul Pamukkale Tour
  • Istanbul Sile Trip

Other Types of Istanbul Tours

Some of the other tours you can join in Istanbul are listed below.

  • Istanbul Aquarium Tour
  • Istanbul Islands Trip
  • Istanbul Night cruise
  • Istanbul Prince Islands
  • Istanbul Vialand tour