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    • Transfers from your hotel and back to your hotel
    • Raft and protective equipment rental
    • Insurance
    • Guide
    • Lunch
    • Any drinks
    • Personal expenses
    • Photo and video shooting

To make your Antalya holiday more exciting and full of adrenaline, we recommend the Rafting Tour in Antalya types. Antalya is a holiday region frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists from all over the world. It is one of the favorite holiday centers of tourists thanks to its many different features such as natural beauties, ancient cities, historical texture, extreme sports, water sports, safari types, golf and tennis clubs. While on holiday in Antalya, you can enjoy the natural beauties, while visiting historical and ancient cities, on the other hand, you can spend adrenaline and exciting times by participating in various activities. Here is the Rafting Tour in Antalya, which will make your Antalya holiday more exciting and adrenaline. By dedicating a certain time of your holiday to this tour, you can spend pleasant and fun times in the unique nature of Antalya.


The Price of Rafting Tour in Antalya is $20 for adults and $15 for your children aged 6-8. Our fees include hotel – rafting starting place transfer, equipment, information and training, insurance fees. Also, at the end of the tour, Lunch fees at the restaurants on the Köprüçay River are included. However, extra personal expenses, beverage fees and various expenses are not included in the prices. In order to immortalize the states you will enter and the beauties you will see during the tour, you can purchase videos, photos and tapes from our professional shooting teams for a certain fee.

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Rafting Tour in Antalya is a type of tour that people frequently resort to taking part in exciting and fun activities while on vacation in Antalya. This rafting tour on Antalya’s Köprüçay River offers you the opportunity to enjoy the unique natural beauties throughout the Canyon National Park and to discover the perfect harmony of turquoise and green. You can join this tour with your family, friends or alone. In addition, you do not need to be a professional or do this water sport several times to join the tour. Because before the rafting tour, a professional and expert team will teach you how to do this sport and inform you about all the situations you may encounter.

What Does the Rafting Tour In Antalya Include?

The Rafting Tour in Antalya is held on Antalya’s Köprüçay River. When you join this tour, we first bring you with our comfortable and luxurious vehicles from the hotel you are staying at or from various places to the place where the sports will start. Then, expert and professional teams will give you general information about rafting and inform you about what to do and what to pay attention to. Afterwards, we provide you with all the necessary equipment to prevent you from being harmed in any way during rafting. When you are ready for the tour, you start the rafting tour by taking your oars with you.

Rafting Tour in Antalya difficulty levels vary according to your preference. However, whichever difficulty level you choose, you will still follow the same route. Accompanied by the unique and clean air of the Köprüçay river, this tour takes place at a distance of 14 kilometers. By taking a break at a certain point of the Köprüçay river, you can both relax and swim in the cool and clean water of the river. During the rafting tour, you will witness natural landscapes and beauties such as the Taurus Mountains and pine forests. At the end of the tour, both the excitement and fatigue you experience will make you hungry. You can both satisfy your hunger and rest by eating at the restaurants by the river.


When you join the Rafting Tour in Antalya, we recommend you to bring a swimsuit/bikini, towel, spare clothes, sunglasses, hat, and protective cream with you. Because it is a tour where you will spend time under the sun and on the water, you may get wet or be exposed to harmful sun rays.


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