• 7 to 12 years: $15
  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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      • Transfers
      • Yacht animation
      • Face painting for children
      • Insurance
      • Guide
      • Lunch
      • Any drinks
      • Personal expenses
      • Entrance ticket to the ancient city “Phazelis” ($10 optional)

    You can join the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya to explore the various bays and natural beauties of the Mediterranean and spend a quiet and calm day away from the crowds and noise. You can join the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya to cruise in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean with a luxurious, comfortable and large boat, visit the various bays and natural beauties of the Mediterranean and enjoy all these natural beauties. . This tour offers you the opportunity to get away from the crowd and noise of Antalya and to rest your head in a quiet and peaceful way. It also offers the opportunity to explore the bays in and around Antalya and to spend time in these bays. You can swim in the bays or enjoy the sun.


    The Price of Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya is set at $25 for all individuals over the age of 12, and $15 for children between the ages of 7 and 12. If you are going to join the tour with your children under the age of 7, no fee will be charged for these children. Mega Star boat tour prices include transportation services between Antalya and the port, boat tour, boat animations, face painting activity for children, insurance and guide fees, Lunch fee. However, the entrance fee of the Ancient City of Phaselis, which you will visit on the boat tour, and your personal expenses during the tour are subject to extra fees.

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    The Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya will be very entertaining and enjoyable for both your children and you. On the boat, the animators will perform various dances and games to entertain you and your children. In addition, there are activities such as competitions, games, face painting activities and foam parties that you can join with your children on this boat tour. Thanks to all these, you can have a fun and enjoyable boat tour with your family. In addition to the activities organized on the boat, you can explore many different coves and natural beauties, swim in these coves, sunbathe and spend peaceful times by resting your head.

    What does the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya Include?

    The Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya will start with the first time we bring you to the Mega Star Boat, which is anchored in Antalya port, by picking you up from your hotels or transfer points in Antalya. Professional guides and our teams will meet you on the boat. Our teams will give you a brief information about the Mega Star Boat and will inform you about the tour route. Later, you will sail towards the Mediterranean with this boat with a capacity of 600 people. You will visit Phaselis Bay, Porto Ceneviz Bay and Olympos Bay by boat. There will be breaks for a certain period of time in all these bays so that you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun.

    The first stop of the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya is Phaselis Bay. Phaselis Bay is located at the foot of Tahtalı Mountain. This bay is a bay belonging to the ancient city of Phaselis with the same name. Surrounded by pine and cedar trees, you can swim, snorkel and sunbathe when you anchor in this bay. If you want to visit the ancient city of Phaselis, you can pay extra fees and examine the ruins, amphitheater and various architectural works in the ancient city closely.

    The second stop of the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya is Porto Ceneviz Bay. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun when you anchor in this bay located between Adrasan and Olympos. There will also be entertainments and activities prepared by our teams in this bay. At the end of all the activities and entertainments, you will have the lunch waiting for you on the boat, collect all the energy you lost and set sail towards Olympos again.

    The last stop of the Mega Star Boat Tour in Antalya is Olympos Bay. Olympos Bay is a bay that belongs to the ancient city of Olympos, one of the largest and most powerful ancient cities of the Lycian civilization. By anchoring in this bay, you can visit the ancient city and enjoy the natural beauties. Afterwards, you will set off again by boat towards Antalya harbor. When you arrive at the port, we will leave you to the hotels you stay in Antalya with our vehicles waiting for you, and we will complete the tour.

    5/5 - (2 votes)

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