Most Preferred Alanya Tours

Alanya is one of the few districts that come to mind when it comes to holiday in Turkey. If you want to spend a very good and enjoyable holiday with natural beauties such as sea, sand, sun and many different activities, you can take a look at the Alanya Tour varieties.

Alanya, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists in every period of the year, is a district of Antalya province in Turkey. You can enjoy your holiday in Alanya, which is one of the indispensables of tourists with the unique beauty of the Mediterranean, nightlife and many different opportunities. In order to spend your holiday in the most efficient and best way, you can apply for Alanya Tour types. Because these tours will help you benefit from all the beauties of Alanya.

Alanya, one of the favorite holiday regions of Turkey, attracts the attention of tourists with its long beaches, sea, sun and many different features located on the Mediterranean coast. It hosts tourists in all four seasons of the year. While enjoying the sea, sand and sun in Alanya, you can also make your holiday more fun and enjoyable with various water sports, extreme sports, activities and various excursions. For this, you can find information about the types of Alanya tour in the continuation of our article.

Alanya Sightseeing Tours

Among the types of Alanya Tour there are tours of holiday destinations, safari tours, water sports tours, extreme sports tours, tours of natural beauties and tours to other regions.

Alanya Historical Places Tour

While enjoying your holiday in Alanya, you can also join the Alanya Tour types where you can visit historical places and see the traces of the past. Some of the tours included in the Alanya Historical Places tour are as follows.

  • Alanya – Manavgat – Aspendos – Side Trip
  • Alanya Selge Ancient City
  • Ancient City of Myra
  • Dim Cave
  • Alanya Castle
  • Damlataş Cave

Alanya Holiday Places Tours

There are many different holiday places in Alanya. These holiday destinations include luxury hotels and private villas. In addition, there are natural beauties such as the bay and the gulf, where you can go by various vehicles such as boats and yachts. Here are some types of Alanya Tour where you can visit the bays, gulfs and other natural beauties of Alanya.

  • Alanya Yacht Tour
  • Alanya Tazy Canyon – Selge Trip
  • Alanya Green Canyon Tour
  • Alanya Suluada Tour
  • Alanya Lavender Fields Tour
  • Apadere Canyon Tour in Alanya


Alanya Water Sports Tour

Some of the Alanya tours that include many different water sports that you can do in the Mediterranean, various rivers and various private pools in Alanya are as follows.

  • Alanya Rafting Tour
  • Alanya Diving Tour
  • Alanya Auajoy water park

Alanya Extreme Sports and Safari Tours

While enjoying the sea, sand and sun in Alanya, you can add excitement and adrenaline to your holiday with safari tours or extreme sports. Here are some types of Antalya Tour that you can participate in these activities.

  • Alanya Paragliding
  • Alanya Buggy Safari
  • Alanya ATV Safari
  • Alanya Skydiving
  • Alanya Horse Riding Tour

Other Alanya Tour Types

There are many different holiday tours you can join in Alanya. Information about many of these tours is given above. Other than the tours listed above, other Alanya Tours you can join are as follows.

  • Davraz Ski Resort Tour
  • Alanya Cappadocia Tour
  • Alanya – Antalya Tour
  • Alanya Turkish Bath Tour
  • Alanya – Pamukkale Tour
  • Alanya – Antalya Aquarium – Old town tour
  • Alanya – Istanbul Sightseeing Tour

Thanks to the tours we mentioned above, you can spice up your holiday even more by visiting other holiday destinations in Turkey while you are on holiday in Alanya.