Fethiye Tours

Fethiye, one of the favorite holiday centers of Turkey, is a district of Muğla. You can review our Fethiye Tour article to reach the natural beauties, historical centers and various holiday centers of Fethiye.


Fethiye attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its unique natural beauties, historical places, beaches, bays and gulfs, entertainment centers, food culture. You can apply to any of the Fethiye Tour types to take a look at these features of Fethiye and have a nice and enjoyable holiday. In this way, you can both enjoy your holiday to the top and have a full-fledged holiday.

Fethiye, a port city founded in the Lycian period, is a holiday center connected to the province of Muğla in Turkey. Lycian roads, which have an important role in history, pass through Fethiye. Therefore, it has important historical artifacts and regions. It also has the favorite holiday resorts of the Mediterranean. For this reason, you may want to visit Fethiye for both holiday purposes and historical trips. For this, we will try to give you detailed information about the types of Fethiye Tour.

What are the Types of Fethiye Tour?

Fethiye, which is flocked by both domestic and foreign tourists in all four seasons of the year, offers tourists the holiday they want with many different possibilities. Fethiye serves you with many different varieties such as its sea, long beaches, bays and gulfs, beaches, natural beauties, historical places, water sports, extreme sports, safaris. In order to benefit from all these features of Fethiye, you can apply to one or more of the following Fethiye tour types.

Fethiye Historical Regions Tour

There are various Fethiye Tours where you can visit historical sites and centers in Fethiye and its surrounding areas. These tours include important historical centers of Turkey and Turkish traditions and customs. Here are the types of Fethiye Tour where you can visit historical centers or Turkish Traditions and Customs;

  • Tios Ancient City Tour
  • Lycian Cemeteries Tour
  • Fethiye Saklıkent Tour
  • Fethiye – Pamukkale Tour
  • Fethiye Market Tour
  • Fethiye Turkish Night
  • Fethiye Turkish Bath
  • Fethiye Ephesus Tour

Tours to Visit the Natural Beauties of Fethiye

There are many different Fethiye Tours where you can visit natural and unique beauties such as beaches, coves, gulfs, and islands in Fethiye and make your holiday more enjoyable. Some of these tours are;

  • Fethiye 12 Islands Tour
  • Fethiye Yacht Tour
  • Fethiye – Dalyan Tour
  • Oludeniz Boat Tour
  • Fethiye – Kas – Kalkan Tour
  • Fethiye Rhodes Island Tour


Fethiye Sports and Safari Tours

There are many different options to make your holiday more fun, full of excitement and adrenaline in Fethiye. Among these options, there are activities such as water sports, extreme sports, safari types. Some Fethiye Tour Types that include all these activities are as follows.

  • Fethiye Cable Car Trip
  • Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding
  • Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour
  • Fethiye Horse Riding Safari
  • Fethiye Diving Trip
  • Fethiye Rafting Tour
  • Fethiye Camel Safari
  • Fethiye ATV Tour

Other Fethiye Tour Types

While on holiday in Fethiye, you can go to the holiday centers located in different parts of Turkey and contribute to a more enjoyable holiday. There are many different Fethiye tours for these. You can take the hot air balloons in Cappadocia by joining the Fethiye Cappadocia Tour, which is among these tours. Or you can visit the Fairy Chimneys with Fethiye Pamukkale Tour. In addition, you can join various tours such as Fethiye Marmaris Tour, Fethiye Bodrum Tour, where you can visit other holiday resorts belonging to the province of Muğla, which Fethiye is a part of.