• 7 to 12 years: $15
  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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      • Transfers
      • Yacht animation
      • Face painting for children
      • Insurance
      • Guide
      • Lunch
      • Any drinks
      • Personal expenses
      • Entrance ticket to the ancient city “Phazelis” ($10 optional)

    If you want to visit the unique bays of Belek and have fun and interesting times with a pirate-themed ship, you can join the Pirate Ship Tour in Belek excursion. On the Pirate Ship Tour in Belek tour, you can visit many different bays in and around Belek, and have a quiet, fun and enjoyable time away from the noise and crowd. On this boat tour that you will join with your family or friends, you will visit various coves, anchor in these coves and enjoy the sea and the sun. You will also witness the underwater life closely by diving with your snorkels at various diving points.


    The price of the Pirate Ship Tour in Belek is $25 for adults and $15 for your children aged 7-12. You do not need to pay any fees for your children aged 6 and younger. Prices include Hotel – Port fees, Insurance and guiding fees, yacht animations, face painting for children, Lunch fee. However, your personal expenses and fees for various drinks during the tour are not included in the prices. Also, if you want to visit the ancient city of Phaselis, we have to pay an extra $10.

    5/5 - (2 votes)

    Belek, one of the first class holiday centers of the Mediterranean, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Antalya. Belek hosts tourists from all over the world with its natural beauties, extreme and water sports activities, safari tours, golf and tennis clubs, and ancient cities. In addition, it attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists as it is a breeding point for various animals and a place where various birds take a break during their migration.

    It takes a long time to take advantage of all these holiday options in Belek. For this reason, there are Belek Holiday Tour types that people with a short vacation period can apply to visit all these beauties and have a fun holiday. One of the most interesting of these tours is the Pirate Ship Tour in Belek tour. The pirate ship tour takes place on a boat decorated with Pirate details. With this boat, you can visit the unique natural beauties of Kemer and its surroundings, and have a pleasant and enjoyable time by participating in various competitions on the boat.

    What Does the Pirate Ship Tour Include in Belek?

    The Pirate Ship Tour in Belek excursion begins with us picking you up from the hotels you stay in with luxury and comfortable vehicles and bringing you to the shore where the ship anchors. On this tour, which will last approximately 6 hours, you can visit many different natural beauties, participate in competitions organized on the boat or watch animation shows. Among the bays you will visit on the pirate ship tour are Phaselis Bay, Cleopatra Beach and Bay, Kemer Harbor, Cennet Bay.

    Phaselis Bay, which you will visit on the Pirate Ship tour, is one of the important port cities where the ancient city of Phaselis is located. There are 3 different ports in this city. By anchoring in one of these ports, you can enjoy the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the sun as much as you wish. You can also visit the ancient city of Phaselis for additional fees. You will visit the amphitheater, baths and various ancient ruins, which are among the examples of Roman architecture in the ancient city.

    After having fun in Phaselis Bay, you can fill your stomach with a delicious lunch waiting for you on the boat. After filling your stomach, you will sail towards Mehmet Ali Bükü Bay, your second stop. While swimming in the sea in this bay, you can dive while wearing your snorkel and witness the life of the creatures under the sea. Then, depending on the situation, visits to Cleopatra Bay and Cennet Bay, which are on the Pirate Ship Tour route in Belek, can also be made. After completing your tour, you will sail again towards Kemer Harbor and the trip will end.



    5/5 - (2 votes)

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