• One Person: $220
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      • Transfers from your hotel and back to your hotel
      • Entry tickets
      • Lunch and supper
      • Insurance
      • Guide
      • Air travel
      • Walk along the Bosphorus
      • Any drink
      • Personal expenses

    If you want to visit Istanbul, one of the most important and historical cities of Turkey, while on holiday in Belek, you can join the Istanbul Tour from Belek tour. Belek is a holiday destination visited by tourists from many different parts of the world during all four seasons. While on holiday in Belek, you can both enjoy the natural beauties and have fun and adrenaline-filled times by participating in various sports. You can also explore Belek and its surroundings with various safari tours. You can also find the opportunity to discover other holiday centers or important cities of Turkey by participating in various tour options. One of these tours is the Istanbul Tour from Belek. You can join the Istanbul Tour from Belek to visit the historical places of Istanbul, one of the most important cities in Turkey, and to enjoy the Bosphorus.


    The price of Istanbul Tour from Belek is $220 per person. Istanbul tour prices include transfer fees between Belek and Istanbul, entrance ticket fees to historical places in Istanbul, insurance and guide fees, food fees. However, during the tour, your personal expenses in Istanbul and the fees for various drinks you will consume are included in the prices. For this reason, we recommend that you take extra money with you for various expenses during the tour.

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    Istanbul is one of the most important cities of Turkey and the world due to its hosting of many different civilizations and geopolitical issues. It has many different historical sites as it is home to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It also has a strait connecting the continents of Asia and Europe. Due to all these features, it is flooded by local and foreign tourists from all over the world in every period of the year. While spending your holiday in Belek, if you want to visit Istanbul, one of the most popular tourism centers in Turkey, Istanbul Tour from Belek awaits you.

    What Does the Istanbul Tour From Belek Include?

    The Istanbul Tour from Belek starts with our luxury vehicles picking you up from your hotels in Belek and bringing you to the airport. When you arrive in Istanbul by plane, you will complete the Istanbul tour with the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Constantinople Hippodrome, Spice Bazaar, and the Bosphorus Tour, which are on the tour route. If you are going to participate in the tour, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Because you will visit many different historical centers and natural beauties in Istanbul, it will be good for you to be comfortable.

    The first stop of the Istanbul Tour from Belek tour is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. The Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the most visited historical places in Istanbul. After spending some time in this Mosque, which has a magnificent view with its magnificent architecture, interior design and six minarets, you will set off for Topkapı Palace, the second stop of the tour. Topkapi Palace, which hosted the Ottoman sultans, is now a museum. This palace, which was the center of the political life of the Ottoman Empire, was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed. On a tour of Topkapi Palace, you can take a look at many different historical artifacts belonging to the Ottoman Empire.

    The Constantinople Hippodrome, which you will visit on the Istanbul Tour from Belek tour, was used by the Byzantines for chariot races. Later it was used in parades, executions and various organizations. You will witness many different historical artifacts and architecture in this hippodrome. Another route of the tour, the Spice Bazaar, is one of the oldest covered bazaars in Istanbul. The Spice Bazaar, located behind the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, is considered the center of Istanbul’s spice trade. Many different products such as spices, sweets, soaps, souvenirs, nuts, herbal medicines are sold in the bazaar. In the Spice Bazaar, where there are 85 shops, you can buy the products you want by paying certain fees.

    On the Bosphorus Cruise, which is included in the Istanbul Tour from Belek tour, you will take a boat tour in the Bosphorus, which separates the continents of Europe and Asia. On the Bosphorus tour, you can feed the seagulls, listen to the sound of the waves, and have a fun and enjoyable journey in the unique air of the Bosphorus while taking a boat tour among the magnificent view of Istanbul. The Istanbul tour will end with us taking you to Antalya airport by plane. Finally, we will pick you up from the airport with our comfortable and luxurious vehicles and drop you back to the hotels you stay in Belek.

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