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If you want to spice up your Belek holiday and make it more fun and interesting, you can join our Horse Safari Tour in Belek. Belek is a neighborhood of Serik district of Antalya. It hosts tourists from all over the world with its unique natural beauties, ancient cities, forests and many different holiday options. There are many different holiday activities you can participate in while on holiday in Belek. These activities include water sports, extreme sports and safari tours. Among all these activities, one of the most interesting is the equestrian safari. You can join our Horse Safari Tour in Belek tour to spend time with horses, one of the most noble and beautiful animals in the world, and to have interesting experiences.


The price of Horse Safari Tour in Belek is $40 for adults and $20 for children aged 4-7. Horse safari prices include hotel – safari area transfer fees, insurance, horse fee to be used in riding. You have to pay your own personal expenses during the safari. You can also purchase professional photo and video recordings made during the safari for extra fees.

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The Horser Safari Tour in Belek is held at Lara Beach, one of the most beautiful and favorite beaches of Antalya. On this tour, you can listen to the sound of the sea on noble horses, and feel your hair fluctuate with the gentle wind while riding. In this way, you can get rid of all your troubles and stresses for a while and have a moment full of enjoyable, fun and interesting experiences. You can join a riding safari even if you have never ridden a horse before. Therefore, you can join a horse riding safari with your family, friends or alone. However, children under the age of 8 are not allowed to ride alone. Therefore, if children under the age of 8 are going to participate in the riding safari, they must ride with an adult.

We would like to remind you that traveling on a horse has a positive effect on the body. This positive effect, called hippotherapy, helps to improve your nervous system and blood circulation. It also helps to correct posture disorders. It helps tighten your muscles. On this safari tour, where you will make your holiday interesting, you will have a pleasant and interesting time while riding on horses. You can be sure that the Horser Safari Tour in Belek will be good for you both in terms of health and in terms of having an unforgettable experience.

What Does the Horser Safari Tour Include in Belek?

When you join our Horser Safari Tour in Belek tour, we first pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to Lara Beach in our comfortable and luxurious vehicles. After you come to a farm on the beach, professional teams will give you the necessary training about horse riding and inform you about the issues you need to pay attention to. Afterwards, the horses suitable for your height and weight are selected and the riding safari begins. All of the horses used in the horser safari are docile animals specially trained for horserism. Therefore, no matter which horse you choose, there is no need to be afraid or to worry. In addition, if you pay attention to the advice and advice of the instructors, you will not encounter any negativity during the riding.

The Horser Safari Tour in Belek takes approximately 75 minutes. You can enjoy the unique beauties of Belek while traveling on a predetermined route during the tour. You can also enjoy the deep blue sea and the sun on the beaches you will visit during the safari. We recommend that you take protective creams, sunglasses and a hat with you, as you will be under the sun all the time on this safari tour you will spend on horseback. In addition, if you plan to swim on the beach, we recommend that you take a swimsuit and towel with you.

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