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    • Transfer from your hotel and back to the hotel
    • Services of English-speaking guides
    • Insurance
    • Procedures according to the tour program
    • Towel, bathrobe and slippers are provided individually
    • Turkish tea
    • Additional services
    • Personal expenses
    • Video filming and photos

You can join the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek tour to explore the tradition of Turkish Bath, which has been going on since ancient times, and to spice up your Belek holiday. For centuries, people have been going to Turkish Baths to relax, clean and find healing. Although Turkish Baths are a favorite of locals, they always attract the attention of foreign tourists. Because Turkish Baths allow people to clean, relax and heal various diseases. With the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek, you can go to the Turkish bath and benefit from all the features of the bath while you are on holiday in Belek.


The price of Turkish Bath Tour in Belek is determined as $20 for all individuals over the age of 12 and $15 for children aged 7-12. Tour prices include transfer fee by luxury and comfortable vehicles, guide and insurance fees, towel – bathrobe – loincloth – slipper fees. However, during your time in the Turkish bath, your personal expenses, fees for various drinks, professional video and photo shoots are subject to extra fees.

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Belek is a holiday destination frequently visited by local and foreign tourists with its many different holiday options. Belek hosts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent natural beauties, water and extreme sports, safari tours, and activities highlighting Turkish traditions and customs. People vacationing in Belek can enjoy many different natural beauties such as sea, sand, sun, forests and waterfalls, while on the other hand, they can spice up their holidays with many different activities and entertainment. If you want to spice up your holiday, have interesting experiences during your holiday, relax and find healing, you can join the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek tour.

There are some health rules you need to know when you are going to join the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek tour. For example, if you have heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure and feel uncomfortable in high temperatures, you should first consult your doctor and then if you receive a positive answer, you should not participate in this tour. In addition, if you are pregnant, if you are facing bronchitis, asthma, and viral diseases with fever, we recommend that you get approval from your doctors.

What Does the Turkish Bath Tour Include in Belek?

Turkish Bath Tour in Belek Your tour will start when we pick you up from your hotel in Belek and bring you to the Turkish Bath. You will see that the hammam you go to is quite different from the hammams and saunas of the hotels. Because there is a large marble area standing in the middle of the bath. Under the marble area, there is a huge cauldron that heats the water. Thanks to this boiler, the temperature of the bath is between 30 – 55 degrees C.

On the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek tour, you will first go to the changing rooms when you arrive at the bath, where you will change into your swimsuits and wear the loincloth given to you. Meanwhile, you can put your belongings in safes to protect your valuables. In order to have the best time in the hammam and to get the full effect of the massages you will have, you should first take a shower and spend some time in the saunas. This way your skin will be hydrated and the massages will help you feel better and more effective. After your body is moistened, you can lie down on the marble plate and enjoy the peeling process that professional teams will do for you.

The professional masseur will first give you a scrub made of hard horsehair and remove the deformed layer of your skin. Afterwards, it will help you relax with a foamy massage. While your whole body is covered with foam during the foam massage, the professional masseur will wash you well after you have massaged you in the most effective way. You will then enter the Olive Oil massage, the final stage of the Turkish Bath Tour in Belek tour. Olive oil massage is done in another and cooler room of the hammam. As you move to a slightly cooler room, the pores on your skin will narrow a little and olive oil will have a better effect on your skin. After your olive oil massage is over, you will lie on the sun loungers and relieve yourself of the tiredness of the day, and you will feel relaxed like cotton.


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