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If you want to make your Belek holiday more exciting and full of adrenaline, you can join the Belek Paragliding Tour. Belek, one of Turkey's first-class holiday centers, is one of the favorite holiday centers of Antalya located in the Mediterranean region. Belek is the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists with its natural beauties, golf venues and sports varieties. It is a holiday region where nature lovers also show interest with its pine pine and Eucalyptus forests. You can join the Belek Paragliding Tour to see all these beauties of Belek by flying from above, literally.


You can contact us for information about Belek Paragliding Tour prices. However, the prices are fixed and include all fees such as transfer, flight, equipment, guidance and piloting, insurance. Extra requests such as video and photo shooting during the flight are subject to extra charges. In addition, the paragliding tour you will participate in Alanya, Adrasan or Olympos Paragliding will cause the prices to change.

With the Belek Olympos Paragliding Tour that you will take on the unique beauties of Kemer and Belek from the Olympos mountain near Kemer, you can both add pleasure to your holiday and increase your adrenaline to the top. If you are going to go on this paragliding tour, which will start from a height of 2300 meters, with a cable car tour to Olympos mountain. You will enjoy the natural beauties of both Belek and Olympos during paragliding, while taking a look at the unique air and beauties of Olympos mountain with the cable car.

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While enjoying the sun, sand and sea in Belek, you can also take part in paragliding tours, which are full of excitement and fun, where your adrenaline will peak. In this way, you can see the bird flight view of the place where you are vacationing and its immediate surroundings.

You can visit the unique natural beauties, beaches, forests, sea, valleys and bays of Antalya by flying with Belek Paragliding Tour types. You can see various places in and around Belek by paragliding with this tour that will delight adrenaline enthusiasts.

From where to where to do Belek Paragliding Tour?

With Belek Paragliding Tour types, you can fly from Belek to Alanya, one of the most beautiful holiday centers in Antalya. You can also fly paragliding to Adrasan and Olympos, which are the other popular holiday centers of Antalya.

Paragliding Tour from Belek to Alanya

The idea of paragliding from Belek to Alanya may already excite you. The idea of paragliding a distance of approximately 100 kilometers is an activity that adrenaline enthusiasts should not miss. The Belek Alanya Paragliding Tour starts from an area of 800 meters high in the Taurus Mountains and ends with descending to the Cleopatra beach. This tour takes approximately 20 minutes. All necessary safety precautions are taken on this flight, which is prepared by a professional team and carried out with the help of a professional guide.

Belek Adrasan Paragliding Tour

If you are an adrenaline junkie in your daily life and want to spend adrenaline-filled moments on your vacation, Belek Adrasan Paragliding Tour can be one of the best options for you. This tour will add excitement to your Belek holiday and will make you taste the passion of adrenaline.

Adrasan flight, which is among the types of Belek Paragliding Tour, takes place in the town of Adrasan, located near Belek. With the help of professional teams and equipment and an expert flight pilot, all necessary safety precautions have been taken in this tour. This tour starts by picking you up from the hotels or various places you stay and going to the higher parts of Adrasan. During your flight you will see beaches, sea, boats and yachts, various forests, villages and other unique natural beauties.

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