• 7 to 12 years: $25
  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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      • Transfers from your hotel and back to your hotel
      • Entrance to Green Canyon National Park
      • Yacht tickets
      • Insurance
      • Lunch
      • Any drinks
      • Personal expenses
      • Photo and video

    If you want to discover the hidden beauties around you and spend a quiet and peaceful time away from the crowds during your Belek holiday, you can join the Green Canyon Tour from Belek. While on holiday in Belek, you can enjoy the natural beauties on the one hand, and participate in various sports and safari tours, on the other hand, you can have fun and enjoyable times by participating in the nightlife. If you want to spend a quiet, calm, private time away from the crowds and have a private time between fun and enjoyable times, you can join the Green Canyon Tour from Belek. Thanks to this tour, you can relax and enjoy the unique natural beauties of Green Canyon in a quiet and calm way, away from the crowds.


    Green Canyon Tour Price from Belek has been determined as $40 for all individuals over the age of 12. For ages 7 to 12, the price of this tour is $25. If you are going to join the Green Canyon tour with your children under the age of 7, you do not need to pay extra for these children. Tour prices include Belek – Green Canyon Transfer fees, Green Canyon National Park entrance fee, boat ticket, insurance expenses and lunch and Lunch fees.

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    Thanks to the Green Canyon Tour from Belek, you will take a boat trip along an emerald-colored pond, swim in the clean and clear water, and spend a beautiful day sunbathing. You will also have fun with your family or friends by trying to fish in the pond.

    What’s Included in the Green Canyon Tour from Belek?

    The Green Canyon Tour from Belek will start with picking you up from the hotels you stay at and setting off for the Oymapınar dam. Oymapınar dam, 55 kilometers from Belek, is one of the largest dams in Turkey. This dam, which also contributes to the electricity production of the region, has a natural beauty that resembles a postcard with pine and cedar trees around it. The area was named Green Canyon because of the dam and its surrounding magnificent beauties with green colors.

    On the Green Canyon Tour from Belek, you will take a boat tour of approximately 4 hours at the Oymapınar dam. During this tour, you will take breaks to swim in the cool and clear waters and try to fish. Swimming in these clean and cool waters, trying to fish and passing time will make you hungry. For this reason, you can fill your stomach by regaining the energy you lost by having a lunch at the restaurants around the Green Canyon. In these restaurants, you can taste delicious local recipes as well as fill your stomach with many different types of food. You will then depart towards the pier for the tour to end. When you arrive at the pier, we will drop you off at the hotels you stay in Belek or wherever you want, with the vehicles we bought.

    The Green Canyon Tour from Belek will allow you to spend time in a quiet and calm way away from the crowds. Thanks to this tour, you can swim in the clear and cool lake waters and try to fish. You can also spend time in a fun and enjoyable way by canoeing. We recommend that you take a hat and sunglasses with you, as you will be constantly in the sun throughout the day. You should bring your protective creams with you to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. If you want to swim or canoe in the lake, it will be good for you to take your swimsuits and bikinis with you.


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