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    You can visit the unique beauties of the Taurus Mountains of the Mediterranean with a tour of Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar from Alanya. Alanya, one of the most popular holiday centers in Turkey, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists with its natural beauties, ancient cities and fun life. Thanks to many different holiday options, Alanya will offer you this holiday opportunity no matter what kind of holiday you want. In order to benefit from these opportunities, you can join many different holiday tours. For example, if you want to take advantage of the unique beauty, appetite, sound, silence and fresh air of the Taurus Mountains in the Mediterranean, Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya will help you.


    The Price of Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya is around $30. Prices include Hotel pick-up and drop-off, Insurance, Guide Fees, Lunch and Lunch, Entrance Tickets. However, the personal expenses you will make during the trip and factors such as various drinks are not included in the prices.

    The Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya will end approximately in the evening. Since you will always be traveling under the sun on this tour, we recommend that you bring your belongings such as sunglasses, protection cream, a hat and a swimsuit. We also recommend you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will be taking walks during the tour.

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    Alanya is one of the world’s most beautiful holiday regions. Alanya can meet the holiday wishes of almost all tourists with its holiday opportunities. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun from the ski resorts in Alanya. It is very difficult to reach all the holiday opportunities of Alanya, which has many different holiday opportunities. Because your vacation time may not be enough to visit all holiday regions, participate in activities and tours. For this, applying to Alanya Tour types will provide you with the opportunity to have the best holiday as soon as possible.

    What Does Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour Include from Alanya?

    One of the types of Alanya Tour, Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya, is a tour that will help you enjoy the natural beauties and ancient ruins of the Taurus Mountains. On this tour, you can get away from the hassle and stress of daily hustle and relax away from the crowd.

    If you want to enjoy the national parks, natural beauties and ancient cities by climbing the Taurus Mountains in the Mediterranean region, Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya will help you. This tour starts with picking you up from the hotel or other places where you are staying. You will be accompanied by a guide who speaks both English and English on the tour. These guides will inform you about the historical background and natural beauties of the regions and places you will visit. During the tour, you will visit many different canyons, passages, caves, theaters, stadiums, and even the whole city. Do not forget to bring your cameras and camcorders with you in order to immortalize and make permanent the memories you will gain during this entire trip.

    Alanya Tazi Canyon Tour

    Tazi Canyon, which is included in the Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya, was discovered by a group of travelers in 2017. It is a canyon untouched by human beings and unknown to many. It is a canyon with a unique natural beauty, approximately 400 meters high. There are geological strips on various rocks in the canyon, which will serve as an example to the development of the world.

    The magnificent view of Köprüçay River and Wisdom Valley, which you will visit on the Tazi Canyon tour, also called Wisdom Valley, will fascinate you. If you will spend time until noon or lunch in this canyon, where you will admire its view and natural beauties. After having a nice lunch in the canyon, you will set off for the ancient city of Selge, the next step of the tour.

    Selde Ancient City Tour from Alanya

    Selge Ancient City is the second step of Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya. The ancient city of Selge is a region that is not visited by many people, but is located at an altitude of 1250 meters from the sea or at an altitude, including the ancient city and amphitheater. The ancient city of Selde, which is one of the oldest settlements in Turkey, includes historical sites such as the ancient city, castle walls, city gates with watchtowers, Stadium, ancient theater, Zeus Statue, Temples, Roman Bridge.

    Man Rocks Tour from Alanya

    Selge, Tazi Canyon and Adam Kayalar Tour from Alanya, the last step of the Adam Kayalar visit, consists of the rocks surrounding the ancient city of Selge. It was named Adam Kayalar because it resembles the standing people in Avatar Land in the “Avatar” series, one of Hollywood’s favorite movies. No one knows exactly what the carvings and reliefs on these rocks mean. However, the people living in this region believe that Adam Kayalar can be read by a researcher in the future.


    5/5 - (3 votes)

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