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    • Insurance
    • Beverages
    • Personal expenses

While on holiday in Alanya, you can join the Horse Riding Tour in Alanya tour to spend time with the most noble animals in the world and go on a trip with these animals. Alanya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey's Mediterranean Region. While on holiday in Alanya, you can enjoy the natural beauties of the Mediterranean and make your holiday fun and exciting by participating in many different activities. One of the activities you can join in Alanya is Horse Riding tours. By participating in the Horse Riding Tour in Alanya, you can both spice up your holiday and spend quiet and calm times away from the noise and crowd. You can also have an unforgettable experience by spending time with horses, one of the noblest animals in the world, and by participating in a safari with horses.


The price of the Horse Riding Tour in Alanya is determined as $40 for all individuals who will participate in the tour. The prices of the Horse Riding tour include transportation fees, guiding and insurance expenses between the hotel we stay in Alanya and the safari area. However, your personal expenses and the prices of various drinks you will consume during the safari tour are not included in the tour prices. Therefore, this time, do not forget to bring extra money with you in order to make any personal expenses during the tour or to buy various drinks.

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Thanks to the Horse Riding Tour in Alanya, you can take a trip with the unique view and air of the Taurus Mountains. You can have fun and enjoyable times with your family and loved ones on this tour, which you can join accompanied by lush natural beauties and a clean air. Do you know that riding is good for many different ailments? You can take advantage of some of the benefits of horse riding by participating in a Horse Riding tour. Some of the benefits of riding are as follows.

  • It can correct equestrian posture disorders.
  • It can help relax your nervous system.
  • It can correct blood circulation disorders.
  • It helps the muscles to work and relax.
  • It can help you recover from various psychological problems by helping you get rid of boredom and stress.

What Does the Horse Riding Tour Include in Alanya?

The Horse Riding Tour in Alanya will start with our city picking you up from the hotels you stay in Alanya and bringing you to the Safari Zone. Our expert trainers and teams will welcome you when you come to the safari area. Our teams will give you detailed information about the safari area. It will also teach you how to ride and move by giving information about horses. Then, after the horse that is suitable for your height and weight is selected, you will spend some time getting used to your horse and your horse. Afterwards, you will ride the most noble animals of the world and go on a tour in the safari region with expert trainers by your Alanya.

The horses on the farm where you will go on the Horse Riding Tour in Alanya tour are well-trained horses that have been used for riding for a long time. No matter what horse you are given, you do not need to shy away or be afraid because they are well-trained and docile. In addition, all the necessary security measures have been used to prevent you from encountering any negativity during the safari tour. In addition, professional riders and trainers will accompany you throughout the tour. After touring the safari area, you will return to the starting point. Our teams that you come to the starting point will drop you back to the hotels you stayed in Alanya and the Horse Riding tour will end.

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