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  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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    While on holiday in Alanya, you can join the Suluada Tour from Alanya tour to visit Turkey's Maldives Suluada and enjoy this magnificent natural beauty. If you want to spend a quiet, calm and peaceful time away from the crowds while on holiday in Alanya, you can join the Suluada Tour from Alanya. Suluada, called Turkey's Maldives, is an island located in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Located in the westernmost part of the Alanya Gulf, Suluada is flooded by tourists with its many different features such as crystal clear water, magnificent coastline, and opportunities for diving. You can join this boat tour to enjoy all these natural beauties, dive, and have a pleasant and fun time.


    The price of Suluada Tour from Alanya is $30 for all individuals over the age of 12, and $20 for children between the ages of 7 and 12. Alanya – Suluada transportation fees, insurance and guide fees, Lunch prices are included in the prices of the Suluada Tour. However, various drinks you will consume during the tour and your personal expenses are subject to extra fees.

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    Suluada is a natural beauty reminiscent of the rare sights you see on postcards. Suluada, also known as Turkey’s Maldives, was discovered by a group of tourists. It is a natural beauty untouched by human hands due to its new discovery and being a place where Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs. This island, where high and luxury hotels are not located, has a quiet, calm and peaceful environment away from the city. If you want to get away from the crowd and noise, to rest and relax in a peaceful way, you can join the Suluada Tour from Alanya tour.

    What’s Included in Suluada Tour from Alanya?

    The Suluada Tour from Alanya will start with the first time we take you from the hotels you stay in Alanya or from the designated transfer points and bring you to our boat anchored in Adrasan port. When you come to the boat, our professional teams will greet you with smiling faces. After our teams first inform you about the tour route and various issues, you will set sail towards Suluada. When you arrive at Suluada, you can enjoy the clean waters and the magnificent beach. You can also visit the island during the spawning period of the Caretta Caretta Turtles, and you can closely observe the struggle for survival of these turtles. After enjoying Suluada, you can fill your stomach with the lunch waiting for you on the boat and regain your lost energy.

    During the Suluada Tour from Alanya, you will discover many different bays and natural beauties. One of these natural beauties is Akseki Bay, namely Love Bay. Akseki Bay, which is considered the most beautiful spot of a tragic love, is called Love Bay. There is a cave in this bay. Also known as the cave of love, the water of this cave is colder than sea water. According to the legend told, it is believed that a young girl who was taken into the harem by forcefully separating her from her lover, cried a lot because of her separation from her lover, and it is believed that the tears of the girl cooled the cave water. When you visit Akseki bay, you will take a break here to swim in this bay and explore the cave. After your visit to Akseki Bay, you will set off again by boat towards Adrasan harbor. When you arrive at the port, you will complete the Suluada tour by dropping you off at the hotels or certain transfer points in Alanya with our luxury and comfortable vehicles waiting for you.


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