• 1-3 Person: $700
  • 4-7 Person: $900
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      • Transfers
      • Walking on a private yacht
      • Guide
      • Evening meal
      • Entrance ticket to the Ancient City of the World
      • Any drink
      • Personal expenses
      • Entrance ticket to the church of St. Nicholas

    Kekova Island is the first stop for those who want to take a Alanya vip demre, myra and Kekova tour. This island is a natural wonder that has been limited to settlement for centuries due to the rocky island leading up to Demre, but has managed to preserve its natural beauty in this way. Tourists come back to see the most beautiful shades of blue and green. There are hostels and cafes on the island for tourists to stay.


    The price of Vip Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour from Alanya is $900 per person. Prices include lunch, transfer and guide fees. However, your personal expenses, fees for some drinks, Myra Ancient City entrance fee, St. Nicholas Church visit fee are not included in the determined price.

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    One of the features that make this island special is its uniqueness and abundance of ancient ruins. On the island, whose highest peak is 188 meters, the sea floor reaches 105 meters. This ancient city of Kekova, which has been flooded by earthquakes and earthquakes for centuries, can still be seen like a crystal in the water in the Alanya Vip Demre, Myra and Kekova Tour. You can take a boat tour to the island and have a great time. In the serenity of blue-green, you can encounter a unique view that can only be seen here.

    Alanya vip demre, myra and Kekova tour more Kekova Camp, located in the ancient city of Myra in the beautiful Demre district, is one of the cities honoring Lycia, the Land of Lights. It is impossible not to admire this extraordinary city with its rock tombs at a height of meters, reliefs of the deceased and their family members. Historically, the capital of Lycia, its commercial importance to the point of being the neighborhood of St. Nicholas of Myra gave the city the reputation it deserves. The city of Myra hosted the Romans after the Lycians and left the legacy of the magnificent ancient theaters that have survived here. Tourists come from all over the world to visit this magnificent city and step into history. You cannot leave without visiting the Nikolauskirche. Alanya tour is especially popular with families with children and is the number one attraction of children’s tours. St. Nicholas, which is a sacred symbol not only for the Christian community, but for all humanity, and the church, which most of us know as “Santa Claus”, attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists.

    There are frescoes and a sarcophagus believed to be Santa Claus inside the church. Legend has it that the miracle of Santa Claus also draws attention to the carvings on the walls of the church. If you do the Alanya tour and this magical history, St. If you want to meet the atmosphere of Nicholas, do not return without seeing the church. Feel the ancient city of Kekova and enter Murat’s theatre.

    The name “Kekova” is used today to describe the geography of the Gulf and mainland coasts, covering the Kaleköy, Utyaguz and Kekova islands between Demre and Kaş. The most distinctive features that make Kekova Beach unique are; It is the flooding of the ruins due to sea level rise that has been going on since ancient times. Kekova region, together with Myra, is one of the most important settlements in the history of Lycia. The wreck of the ancient city of Drukiste, which was destroyed by an earthquake in the 2nd century AD, can be seen across Kaleköy in Kekova, in the northern part of the island. The name of this place is Kekova Batukşehir. There is no settlement on Kekova Island. Kaleköy and Üçaziz, opposite Kekova Island, are the only settlements in the region. Kaleköy (Simena) is located right across Kekova Island. The walls of the old Kaleköy houses are still standing.

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