• 1-3 Person: $350
  • 4 to 7 years: $500
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    Yacht Charter in Side is one of the most suitable options for individuals who want to spend their holidays in silence, without noise and away from the crowd. While enjoying the sea, sand and sun in Side, you can have a nice and enjoyable holiday by participating in various activities. However, some people may get bored with all these activities, crowds and noise. For this reason, they prefer to spend their holidays in calmer and quieter environments. Precisely in this context, we recommend you the Yacht Charter in Side option. With yacht charter, you can make a special holiday with your family, friends or alone. By chartering a yacht, you can spend a trouble-free and stress-free time in Side's unique bays or marinas by resting your head in a quiet, peaceful place away from noise.


    Side Yacht Charter price, the price of yachts for 1 – 3 persons is around $400. The price of yachts for 4 – 7 people is around $ 500. However, the size and features of the yacht you will choose may cause changes in prices in cases such as its personality, how many days you will rent, whether you will rent it with or without a captain. For this reason, you can contact us to learn detailed information about prices.

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    Yacht charter, which is one of the Yacht Tours in Side option, is a holiday method generally used by individuals who want to spend a day or days away from the crowd, noise, distress and stress. Honeymoon couples, families or a group of friends can apply for yacht charter. In addition, yacht charters can be made in various situations such as private business meetings and meetings.

    How to Charter a Yacht in Side?

    Yacht Charter in Side service is shaped in line with your demands. First, you choose which yacht to charter. Then you decide whether you will be the captain of the yacht or whether you will drive it. After all the determinations are made, you can make your holiday in Side by getting on the yacht you rented from any marina or port. In addition to holidays, you can charter a yacht for various events such as birthdays, marriage proposals, job interviews, parties.

    Yacht Charter in Side is one of the most suitable holiday options to visit the deserted bays, famous beaches, coasts and caves of Side and its surrounding holiday resorts, not with crowded groups, but to enjoy all these beauties. With the yacht charter method, it is up to you how long you will vacation, which yacht you will choose, which places you will visit, what you want to do during your holiday. At the end of this whole process, we recommend that you use a protective cream, wear a hat and glasses to avoid damage from the sun’s rays while traveling on the yacht. In addition, we recommend that you bring your swimsuits, bikinis and diving equipment when you are going to swim or dive by stopping in various parts of the yacht tour. If you want to fish as an activity during the yacht tour, you can fish in various regions. If you want to spend a pleasant time fishing, do not forget to bring your fishing tackle.

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