• 4 to 7 years: $35
  • 0 to 3 years: Free
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      • Transfer from / to the hotel;
      • Bus with air conditioning;
      • Entrance ticket to Pamukkale, Hierapolis and the archaeological museum;
      • Entrance ticket to the beach of Lake Salda;
      • Breakfast, lunch and Lunch in the restaurant (buffet);
      • Travel insurance;
      • Guide services (Guide).
      • Entrance ticket to the “Cleopatra’s Pool”;
      • Any drinks;
      • Paragliding;
      • Extra seat on the bus for children under 3 years old.

    If you want to see various natural beauties on your holiday in Kemer and spend a quiet, peaceful and healthy time in company with these beauties, you can join the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer. Kemer is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Kemer and Turkey. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its many different holiday options and activities. While you are on holiday among all these possibilities of Kemer, you may also want to see other natural beauties of Turkey. If you want to see Pamukkale Travertines, which are on Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage list, you can join the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer. Thanks to this tour, you can see Pamukkale Travertines, Hireapolis Ancient City, Cleopatra Pool and Salda Lake.


    The price of the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer is $50 for adults and $30 for children aged 4-7. The tour prices include transfer fees, Hierapolis Ancient City entrance fee, Salda lake entrance fee, breakfast, lunch and Lunch fees. In addition, the translation fee of the guide who will accompany you during the tour and the travel insurance fee are also included. However, the Cleopatra Pool entrance fee, paragliding fee and personal expenses are not included in the price.

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    Salda lake is the third deepest lake in the world and the first deepest lake in Turkey. This lake attracts tourists with its forests, clay soil, and water that is good for skin diseases. Pamukkale Travertines, which you will visit on this tour, have become the focus of attention of tourists both in terms of health tourism and visual tourism. You can join the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer to visit both Pamukkale Travertines and Salda Lake, known as Turkey’s Maldives, and enjoy all these natural beauties.


    What Does the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour Include from Kemer?

    Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer The Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer will start with your departure with luxury and comfortable vehicles from the hotels you stay in Kemer and its surroundings. You will be hungry as we will pick you up early in the morning. For this reason, we will take a break at a place where you will have breakfast. After having your breakfast and filling your stomach, your journey to Salda Lake will continue.

    When you arrive at Salda Lake, you can relax by leaving yourself to the clean and cool lake waters with turquoise color. You can sunbathe on the mineral and clay soils located by the lake. The soil on the edge of Salda Lake is good for skin diseases thanks to its minerals and clay. For this reason, you can make yourself a mask with the soil and find healing by applying the soil to your body. Also, if you like extreme sports, you can have an exciting and fun time by paragliding for an additional fee. You can have a lunch here as swimming in the cool waters of the lake and passing time will make you hungry.


    On the Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer, you will make a journey again towards Pamukkale after the Salda Lake tour. When you arrive in Pamukkale, you have approximately 3 hours to spend among the unique beauties of Pamukkale. During this time, you can visit Pamukkale Travertines, swim in the healing thermal waters of the Cleopatra Pool, and visit the ancient city of Hireapolis.

    Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer Pamukkale Travertines, one of the most famous symbols of Turkey, are the focus of attention of tourists because they are good for various diseases such as rheumatism, joint pain, skin diseases and have a unique natural beauty. The water flowing between the travertines has the ability to heal various diseases thanks to the minerals it has. Apart from the travertines, there is also the ancient city of Hireapolis in Pamukkale. You can also visit this ancient city, which has the remains of the Roman Empire.


    Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from KemerThe Pamukkale and Salda Lake Tour from Kemer ends towards evening. Therefore, we will set out in the evening to take you back to Kemer. However, since this whole process will make you very hungry, you will take a break at a restaurant during your return and have Lunch. Afterwards, when you arrive in Kemer, we will drop you back to the points we picked up and complete the tour.

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