• 7 to 12 years: $15
  • 0 to 6 years: Free
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      • Transfers
      • Yacht animation
      • Face painting for children
      • Insurance
      • Guide
      • Lunch
      • Any drinks
      • Personal expenses
      • Entrance ticket to the ancient city “Phazelis” ($10 optional)

    You can join our Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer tour to make your holiday more enjoyable and unforgettable by visiting the unique beauties of Kemer with a Pirate Ship concept ship. Kemer is one of the most popular holiday centers of the Mediterranean and Antalya. Kemer is home to local and foreign tourists all four seasons of the year with its unique natural beauties, ancient cities and various holiday activities. If you want to visit Kemer's blue flag beaches, coves and beaches with a ship with the Pirate Ship concept, we recommend our Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer excursion. With this pirate ship concept, you can both enjoy the natural beauties of Kemer and make unforgettable memories.


    The price of Pirate Ship Tour in Kemeris $13 for adults and $8 for children aged 7-12. You can bring your children under the age of 7 on the tour without paying any fee. Prices include transfer fees, insurance and guide fees, meal fees. In addition, the animation show held on the pirate ship, competitions and face painting for children are also included in the prices.



    5/5 - (2 votes)

    The Pirate Ship, prepared with a decoration that reflects the lifestyle of pirates, and the Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer, where you can explore the bays and unique beauties of Kemer, will allow you to spend time you will never forget for the rest of your life. While enjoying the natural beauties during the tour, you can also have fun as you wish with various competitions and entertainments that you and your children can participate in.

    What Does the Pirate Ship Tour Include in Kemer?

    Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer is a tour where you can enjoy the unique natural beauties of Kemer with a ship decorated with Pirate figures and items as the name suggests. In addition, various competitions that you can do on the ship prepared for adults and children are also included in the tour and will help you have a pleasant time.

    The Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer starts with the first time we bring you to Kemer Marina by picking you up with luxury and comfortable vehicles from your accommodation or residence. Then, we embark on our Pirate Ship concept ship, which is anchored in the marina, and start the journey in the waters of the Mediterranean. You will visit many different natural beauties on this tour where you will visit the unique beauties of the Mediterranean. The natural beauties you will visit during the tour are;

    Phaselis Ancient City and Bay

    Phaselis Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Antalya, is a holiday center 17 kilometers away from Kemer with an ancient city. You will visit this cove for the first time with our pirate ship. While enjoying the sea, sand and sun in this bay, you can also visit the ancient city.

    Cleopatra Dark

    The second stop of the Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer is Cleopatra Bay. Cleopatra Bay, also called Antalya Bay, is located in the coastal city of Kemer. This bay will attract your attention with its forests as well as sea, sand and sun. You can be sure that it will impress you with its clean air and lush forests. After visiting Cleopatra Bay, you will also visit other ports and bays that Kemer has.

    Heaven Bay

    Cennet Bay, one of the most popular bays of Antalya, is the last stop of the Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer. Cennet Bay, unlike other bays, has a pebbly beach. While swimming in the sea, you will witness a perfect view by seeing many different kinds of fish with your eyes.

    Visiting many different natural beauties and having fun here will make you hungry during our trip. When we anchor our pirate ship in Cennet Bay, do not forget that delicious delicacies await you. After filling your stomach with delicious delicacies in Cennet Bay, you can make the trip even more enjoyable by participating in various competitions prepared on the ship.

    We recommend that you bring a swimsuit, towel and spare clothes with you, as you will enjoy the sea in many different bays on our Pirate Ship Tour in Kemer. You can also bring a snorkel to see the magnificent view of the fish in the sea at Cennet Bay. You can also bring sunglasses, protective cream and a hat with you to protect yourself from harmful sun rays.

    5/5 - (2 votes)

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