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If you want to spend your holiday in a quiet, calm and peaceful place, you can apply for our Yacht Tour in Kemer tour. Kemer, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, is a place visited by domestic and foreign tourists throughout the four seasons. It offers all kinds of holiday opportunities with its blue flag beaches, clean air, natural beauties, ancient cities and many different activity options. If you want to spend your holiday in silence, calmness and rest, and you want to spend your holiday in Kemer, we can offer you the types of Yacht Tours in Kemer. Because with this yacht tour, you can listen to your head in a quiet and calm way, away from the crowd, and get rid of your troubles and stress a little bit.  


The price of Yacht Tour in Kemer is around $25 for adults and $15 for children aged 7-12. You do not need to pay any fees for your children under 7 years old. Yacht tour prices include transfer fees, Lunch fee, insurance and guide expenses. However, your personal expenses and beverage prices are not included in our prices during the tour.

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Kemer Yacht Tour offers you the opportunity to have a holiday in a bay of your choice or in many different natural beauties of Kemer. If you are planning a holiday away from the crowd, just for you, yacht tour is the type of tour for you. Because you can spend your holiday as you wish by anchoring in many different bays, gulfs and harbors in Kemer and its immediate surroundings with the yacht you will charter or the yacht tour you will join.

What does a yacht tour in Kemer include?

Yacht Tour in Kemer is a tour that is usually attended by individuals who want to spend a quiet, quiet and peaceful time. With this tour, you can enjoy the natural beauties of Kemer and its surroundings with a yacht cruise in the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean, with the sway of the waves, accompanied by light and pleasant music. You can also swim in the deep blue sea of Kemer and dive while wearing your snorkel. During the breaks we will give near the ancient cities, you can go ashore to browse the ancient ruins, take a walk along the coast, and have a pleasant time in the shade of cedar and pine trees.

Yacht tours are usually made with comfortable, luxurious and variously equipped yachts with a maximum capacity of 80 people. This tour usually starts around 10 am and ends around 6 pm. In this daily yacht tour, a certain itinerary is usually followed. Within this route, natural and unique beauties in and around Kemer such as Phaselis Bay, Cennet Bay, Aladzhasu Bay are visited. Since you will be hungry during the tour, you will be given free lunch or Lunch on the yacht.

We recommend that you come to our Yacht Tour in Kemer with comfortable clothes and shoes. We also recommend that you bring your cream, sunglasses and hat with you to protect yourself from the sun’s rays. We also recommend that you bring your snorkel and diving equipment if you are going to swim or dive during the yacht tour.


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