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      • Entrance ticket to Cleopatra’s pool
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    The temperature of Pamukkale’s hot spring water is about 30 degrees. It is said to be good for some ailments. You can walk barefoot on the terrace, swim in the water and take photos. Pamukkale is famous for its travertines, these travertines are also known as calcium stairs. The beautiful history and health-smelling tours on these stairs have been very popular lately. Vip Pamukkale tour receives a lot of domestic and foreign tourists especially when it is vip.

    There are multiple tour companies that go from Bodrum to Pamukkale. There are very few companies that provide vip tours from these companies. Swim in the healing hot springs of the Cleopatra Pool, walk on cotton cliffs and explore the ruins of Hierapolis during your journey. Enjoy the tour by taking advantage of the travertines, such as a health tour, on the tour that starts as a history tour.

    Take a postcard-worthy photo to create a lasting memory of your Vip Pamukkale tour from Bodrum. The hot spring water of the region has 17 different temperatures ranging from 35 degrees to 100 degrees, and it has been a hot spring center that has been giving health to people and providing treatment with its healing waters for thousands of years since ancient times. It is known that healing water helps in the treatment of many ailments, especially rheumatism, skin, heart and veins. In addition, these thermal waters with 17 different temperatures in Pamukkale have created natural wonders of different beauties throughout Pamukkale. Travertine comes in many different colors. Color is an issue related to the physicochemical properties of water. Red is caused by water-soluble iron, yellow is caused by sulfur, and white or gray is caused by calcium ions.

    See Pamukkale’s ancient architecture among stunning landscapes and marvel at the terraced white travertine hot springs that have been perfectly preserved for centuries. Pamukkale’s most interesting tourist attraction is the white travertines. White travertine terrace 2700 m. long and 160 m. is in height. These travertines have attracted great attention due to their accumulated morphology and natural color. These magnificent white rocks were formed by exposure to oxygen during streams of water with a high limestone content. And because they are rare natural beauties, they are under protection.

    While it was possible to walk on the travertine or swim in the travertine pool years ago, it has been forbidden to protect the travertines since 1993. Since then, the color of travertines has become even more vibrant. For the people of Bodrum who want to take a Vip Pamukkale tour from Bodrum, having such a beautiful place so close makes it feel very special.

    5/5 - (3 votes)

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