• 6 to 8 years: $30
  • 0 to 5 years: $25
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    While on holiday in Side, you can join the Side Dolphin Show Tour to watch the show of Dolphins, one of the smartest animals in the world, and have fun. Side is flooded by local and foreign tourists due to its many different features such as natural beauties, ancient cities, entertainment venues, water and extreme sports, safari areas. While on holiday in Side, you can discover the natural beauties on the one hand and have fun and enjoyable times by participating in various activities. You can also get interesting experiences by participating in various activities. One of these interesting activities is the Dolphin Show Tour in Side. Thanks to this tour, you can watch the magnificent show of the dolphins, one of the most intelligent animals in the world, with your family and friends, and swim with dolphins.


    The price of Dolphin Show Tour in Side is set at $35 for all individuals over 8 years old. It is also set at $30 for children aged 6 to 8, and $25 for children aged 0 to 5. Dolphin Show tour prices include transportation fees from your Side Hotel to the show area where the dolphin show will take place, insurance prices, guiding fees, and Dolphin Show entrance ticket fees.

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    On the Dolphin Show Tour in Side tour, you will watch the amazing performance of the dolphins as well as the interesting talents of the sea lions. During this show, which will last approximately 1 hour, you will understand how smart these animals are. Because the dolphins will play with balls, dance, shake your hand, greet you, kiss you, pass through the shapes and perform various acrobatic movements during the show. Feeding the dolphins and sea lions and swimming with dolphins after the show will make you even more enjoyable and make this event an unforgettable one for you.

    What Does the Dolphin Show Tour Include in Side?

    The Dolphin Show Tour in Side will start with our departure to the Dolphins Land Dolphinarium center by luxury and comfortable vehicles from the hotels you stay in Side or the regions you have specified. When you arrive at the center, our professional teams will greet you. First of all, you will take a small tour by giving you information about the show center. Then you will watch the show prepared for you by dolphins, one of the most intelligent animals in the world. You can bring your camera and cameras with you to record the whole show and swimming with dolphins.

    After the dolphin show, you will also watch the seals show. After the show of these sea creatures between the ages of 10 and 12, you can feed both dolphins and seals. For extra fees, you can experience swimming with dolphins. You can swim with the dolphins alone or in groups of 3-4 people. If you want to swim with a dolphin alone, it will take approximately 7-8 minutes. If you are going to swim as a group, it takes approximately 15-20 minutes. After watching the shows and swimming with the dolphins, the Dolphin Show Tour in Side will end. The Dolphin show tour will end when we drop you off with our luxury and comfortable vehicles to the places we picked up or to the designated points in Side.

    Established in 1996, Dolphins Land Dolphinarium is one of the oldest Dolphin show centers in Side. It has been performing regularly almost every day since its opening. There are many different sea creatures such as dolphins, seals, beluga whales in this center. All the necessary conditions and conditions have been prepared for all these animals to feel themselves in their natural environment. In order for the pool water to resemble sea water, all conditions such as salt and mineral ratios and temperature have been fulfilled. In addition, all living things in the center were checked by veterinarians at regular intervals and their health conditions were observed.

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